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The Ugly Truth

Mere is in the OR, miming her surgery as she and Avery wait for Richard, when Bailey walks in and makes excuses for the Chief. She asks Mere to open but Avery coins in that he was going to do that, and Mere adds that she was going to do the fancypants part. Bailey informs her that she doesn't think Meredith is ready for that yet, but says she is welcome to stay and observe. Heaving a sigh as Avery gets ready to open, Mere heads out.

She passes Derek in the hallway who tells her he is sorry she couldn't do the procedure, but he doesn't sound like he means it whatsoever. Meredith tries to act blasé and says that something came up and it happens, but Derek taunts her that he's not surprised Richard didn't show, and tells Meredith that she's not dumb but she's acting like it right now. I agree, but right now they are both being annoying -- I would have rather he pointed this out to her, without the taunting, nearer the beginning of this whole debacle so that they could have figured out what they wanted to do like rational people. Mere insists that she's not turning Richard in, so Derek plays his ace: Tacoma passed on Izzie because there was too much history and too many red flags in her file. (Finally! Consequences!) (I mean, in addition to finally getting fired years after she really should have been.) Derek tells Meredith that if he goes to the board, they will make him Chief and the very first thing he will do is hire Izzie back. He says it's up to her and walks off as she glares at him.

Arizona and Lexie are standing in front of the door to Callie's room, watching the sexy rubdown that's taking place. Arizona says that should be her, but Lexie tells her not to be jealous as they are just best friends and awesomely, she totally means it. Arizona thinks a moment, then admits to Lexie that she had chicken pox as a kid but that she lied to Callie about it, because she finds her so amazing and stunning, and can't stop looking at her, and was afraid that with the ooze and scratching... "I wanted to stay in the sexy part of things." She lied and now she's here, watching Mark make scratching look sexy. Lexie sighs, "He makes everything look sexy." Both are wistful, but I take great exception to this scene and this storyline because it's about as ridiculously out of character for Arizona as I think one can get. She so far has proved herself to be levelheaded and awesome, and has helped a weeping Callie through family troubles, and has dealt with Callie's father, and while those things aren't oozing, I think that they very clearly had more to their relationship than just the brand-new sexy thing going on. Arizona has been many things but totally shallow isn't one of them, so this just made me angry.

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