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Between the time I first watched this episode when it aired on Thursday and when I started recapping it, we had a small hurricane in New York that cost lives, decimated the city, shut down the subways, bridges, and tunnels and wiped out power, satellite television, internet access, and cell phone reception for millions of people. At the height of the hurricane, the power at one of the city's hospitals went out. Then the back up generators went out. So in the middle of a massive Frankenstorm, nurses and doctors and other heroes carried patients from the NICU and PICU down nine flights of stairs, in the dark, while keeping them warm and breathing with manual respirators. This act of stalwart heroism is both tear-inducingly heartwarming and wildly inspiring. It was also something I could easily picture, thanks to years of watching Grey's Anatomy. Remember when Meredith and Alex saved the preemie they were transporting back to Seattle Grace? Or that other baby that was saved due to the heroic actions of the doctors and nurses? Moments like these shows that reality and the Grey's Anatomy fantasy are not that far apart. GREY'S ANATOMY IS REAL! That said, none of the newspaper reports noted whether or not the doctors all saved the babies and then went to bone interns in the break room, which would have taken the Grey's Anatomy similarities to a whole new level. Still, from now on I will have no choice but to believe that Grey's Anatomy is in fact a docu-drama.

So what happened in everyone's favorite docu-drama this week? Lots of sex of course! Mer and Der are going for it, as are Cristina Yang and her Minnesotan boss. Mer's voiceover of wisdom says what we are all thinking: QUESTIONABLE JUDGMENT, CRISTINA. Also, questionable taste. I am certain there are far more attractive men in Minnesota who would be way less judgey of Cristina's disinterest in smiling. I mean, isn't lack of smiling a hallmark of Minnesota Lutheranism? I speak as a survivor of Oregon Lutheran school. Anyway, Hey, Cristina: Ew. Mer and Der have a little coitus interruptus from an overeager intern who is certain she has discovered a rare disease, which makes Meredith roll her eyes because she is so old and jaded and wise now. For his part, Derek is getting ready to pass his wisdom down to the next generation because he is going to start teaching since he still can't operate. The unstated implication is that CALLIE SUCKS. He and Arizona should have a chapter meeting of the We Hate Callie club, stat. I'll bring the cookies.

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