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Oh, Balls

In other sexy time news, Cristina and her daddy issues are actually going at it in the boss' office, which I'm sure is done in the Mayo Clinic all the time. Note to self: wipe down all surfaces in medical facilities with disinfectant. As Cristina gets dressed she grouses about some old timey procedure her frenemy the old man doctor is about to perform. Her boss laughs as he zips up his pants (ew.) and says, "That's perfect!" Before Cristina can find out what that means exactly, the boss unzips his pleated pants and suggests they go again. (Double ew.) Back in Seattle Grace, Avery and Kepner are having one last go round before April reclaims her virginity, because why not, right? Horse is already out of the barn and it will be until you find it and put it back in and that came out sounding dirtier than I intended. Anyway, Kepner is planning on putting off reclaiming her virginity at least until her next break is over.

Dr. Weber is wearing a tie and it's freaking everyone out. Hunt calls him on it and so does Bailey. You know who doesn't? Avery's mom. Weber has called her in for a consult and for now anyway it's not a consult in the break room, if you know what I mean, and I think you do because the only thing the break room at Seattle Grace is used for is hook ups. God forbid anyone try to sleep between shifts! Anyway, Avery's mom really likes Weber's tie, which is probably a euphemism for something, right? Right.

Alex is having a hissyfit at some computer equipment, but when Callie walks into the line of fire he directs his tantrum at her. He rudely and crassly demands to know when Robbins is coming back. Callie freezes and stares at him, but not just because he's being an insensitive dickhead, but because Arizona is in the building. She's getting fitted for her prosthetic today and the only way Callie could get her to come to the hospital is if she promised that no one would know she was there. Because Seattle Grace is so good at keeping secrets? Actually, so long as Robbins doesn't go anywhere near the break room she should be able to avoid all her co-workers. Alex carelessly promises not to say anything to Robbins, but he's not really listening to Callie and it's pretty clear he's going to go find Robbins.

Cut to Arizona looking forlorn and legless in the physical therapy/prosthetics fitting room. She has her bitch face on, so we know she is still unhappy about having her leg cut off in a plane crash and hasn't come to the more societally acceptable I-feel-lucky-considering-two-of-my-friends-are-dead phase or the I-will-be-an-inspiration-to-my-patients phase yet. Maybe by the end of the episode? Her prosthetist (sorry spellcheck, Shonda Rhimes says it's a word, so I'm going with it) comes in and introduces himself to Robbins. He (Ethan Embry) explains that they'll be working together for awhile and by that he means until one of them is dead or her leg grows back. Her dead-eyed stare says what we're all thinking, "Hahaha. Great joke, dude. Have you considered a career in stand up?" After checking out her gams and admiring the lack of scar tissue, he suggests they get to work. Arizona looks beyond thrilled at the prospect.

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