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Oh, Balls

Meredith strolls through the halls of Seattle Grace loudly declaring, "Just stop having sex with him!" I'm sure no one will know she's talking to Cristina. Meanwhile Cristina is walking around the Mayo Clinic loudly conversing about how her slightly reptilian boss is her "sex friend" and her "best friend" is the "ancient guy." Good code names, surely no one in Minnesota will crack that code. Uncharacteristically, Meredith suggests that Cristina stop being sex friends with her boss (um, Meredith, you had sex with your boss for years until you married him, remember?) and instead just get drunk with the Ancient One. Cristina isn't convinced after all she's just trying to fit in at the Mayo Clinic. Note to self: Never go to Mayo Clinic.

Weber has a "big surprise" for Avery's mom. She coyly asks if she'll need to "use two hands" and COME ON, SHOW, gross. Weber winks and nods that two hands "won't be enough." She is just about to need some adult diapers when Weber opens the door and introduces her to his patient. Remember in The Breakfast Club when Judd Nelson's character is trying to freak everyone out with photos of a guy with elephantitus of the nuts? Well, that bit must have really stuck with Shonda, because sure enough, Katherine Avery really will need more than two hands to hold on to Weber's big surprise, which is, of course, a guy with inflated testicles. Katherine is unamused by Richard's double entendre that turned out not to be a come on at all. Yep, he just called his favorite urologist for a consult.

The somewhat good-natured Patient du Jour assures them that he doesn't have basketballs in his pants and he's not just happy to see them. Katherine gets her mom jeans on and scolds him for letting it get so bad before seeing a doctor. He claims he saw doctors before and they prescribed pills, but it's only gotten really severe in the last few months. His friend, who is a girl, claims that he's using severely painful enormously inflated balls as an excuse to avoid his ten-year high school reunion. Um, dude, didn't anyone tell you that those aren't mandatory. They aren't jury duty or military service. If you don't want to go, just don't go, elephantitus of the nuts or not. Katherine promises him he'll be able to go to the reunion with 98% less scrotum. He should definitely put "Now with 98% less scrotum!" on his OKCupid profile.

Today's Minnesota-based Patient du Jour is a heart patient who is in the hands of Cristina's Ancient One best friend. Obviously he has an outdated and invasive procedure planned while Cristina has less invasive and more technology-driven operation in mind. Luckily their relationship has improved to the point that Cristina can tease him about his age and out-datedness mercilessly ("You're a national landmark, like the Grand Canyon, only slightly older!") and he just laughs it off.

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