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Oh, Balls

Meanwhile, turns out Meredith's intern (the once and future Mac from Veronica Mars) was right about the super rare tumor. The patient doesn't take the news particularly well, though, and starts sobbing like a little girl instead of the stalwart security guard they were expecting. Meredith assures him that they can take the tumor out. Elsewhere in the hospital, Derek is teaching the other interns how to put in central lines. They aren't especially excited by the prospect. Sure hope Derek's oh-captain-my-captain teaching method will inspire them to greatness.

Back in Minnesota, Cristina's reptilian boss/ sex friend, Parker, wants to know if she tried to convince the Ancient One to use a less invasive procedure. She assures him she did, but the Ancient One could not be convinced and Cristina's okay with it because his old school procedure has fewer potential side effects. Parker scoffs and tells her to "enjoy it while she can, which is vague but he won't elaborate, not even for his sex friend who could sue him for sexual harassment in an instant. ("He told me I had to fit in if I wanted to get off of probation.")

Katherine Avery and Weber are holding hands in the x-ray room, and Katherine reminds Weber that she doesn't want Jackson to know about their "continued adventures." Bailey interrupts their conversation and asks to get in on the testicular reduction surgery, but Weber says no, because he wants Kepner on board. Bailey shoots him one of her trademark infringing "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Weber?" looks, but Weber won't back down. He's taken Kepner under his wing and wants her unlicensed hands in on the surgery. He hopes Bailey understands. She doesn't.

Back in the training room, Smash Williams finds yet another kind, understanding, and strong mentor in the form of Derek Shepherd. When Smash struggles to find the fake vein while he's attempting to put in a central line in the dummy torso, Shepherd yells, "Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose!" and Smash makes the touchdown. In related news, I miss Friday Night Lights.

Since Bailey can't get in on Weber's and Avery's surgery, she tries to steal Meredith's incredibly complex tumor surgery. Meredith isn't having it at all, though. Over in awkward conversation land, Katherine Avery is talking Kepner through the male anatomy. When Kepner balks at the site of testicles the size of basketballs, Katherine tells her to relax and suggests that in her professional opinion, Kepner needs to get laid and prep for next year's medical boards, preferably at the same time. Luckily she knows just the gynecologist to do it. She promises to give Kepner his number, but not before extolling the virtues of a great sex life using some powerful flower blossoming imagery that makes Kepner blanch and maybe gag a little thinking about Weber and her sex friend's mom getting it on. Speaking of the other Avery, Weber invites Jackson to scrub in on the nut surgery because they need a plastics guy to make a "skin flap." I assume that's the technical term? Jackson is cool with it, even though it's with his mom and Weber.

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