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Oh, Balls

Back in the prosthetics lab, Arizona is unhappily being fitted for her fake leg. Callie comes in to see if she's done and Arizona takes out all her aggravation and frustration and anger on her, full on yelling at her for not checking her voicemail. Callie quickly retreats. Meanwhile, Meredith is on the phone with Cristina who is still in Minnesota (we know this because it's snowing outside her window) telling her about the tumor she's about to remove. Meredith doesn't want to tell Derek about it, because she doesn't want to rub her awesome surgery in his face both because it's wildly unsanitary but also because he's being a good sport about teaching. Also because secrets are always good for keeping the magic alive in a marriage. Anyway, something Meredith says gets Cristina staring off into the middle distance Dr. House-style and having a realization about something. She hangs up quickly, freeing Meredith to lie to Derek when he asks her about breaking the news to her intern that she was wrong about the tumor.

Avery and Kepner are at it again, one last time, in the break room. However their trip to sinville is cut short when Kepner realizes that they are both scrubbing in on the big ball surgery. Kepner thinks it's a bad idea because Katherine is obsessed with her sex life because "she's having the best sex of her life." The image of his mother blossoming towards the sun is too much for Jackson's tippecanoe and when he realizes that Weber is still having his way with his mother, the break room is suddenly silent.

Callie finally realizes that a drink will make her feel better. She heads over to Joe's for a glass of whatever white wine they have that can fit in a Super Big Gulp. She finds Hunt already sitting there morosely at the bar, wishing he still had a storyline. Callie admits that she's been sleeping at Mark's house but sleeping in her dead best friend's bed is depressing for some reason and it's been getting so bad that she is considering asking Shepherd if she can sleep in his Tin Can of Sadness. Hunt admits that's pretty desperate. They order a second round.

In Minnesota, Cristina wakes up Parker but not for a booty call. She wants answers. What did he mean about enjoying the Ancient One while she can? Parker admits that while they can't fire the Ancient One, they can force him to retire before he makes a mistake that will cost them a lot in a malpractice suit. He refuses to try minimally invasive techniques, he doesn't know how to use modern medical tools, and he's too stubborn to learn how to use them. Parker had Cristina work with the Ancient One because she is the face of modern medicine and will be a great example when it comes time to make a case for retirement for the Ancient One. Cristina is not happy, which surprises Parker. She walks out and slams the door. Guess they're no longer sex friends! Can I stop writing "sex friends" now please?

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