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Oh, Balls

Speaking of Arizona, she is back (still?) in the prosthetics lab but now has a leg attached. The doctor tells her not to rush the process, because she's the one who will suffer if they rush it. She yells at him when he tries to get her on her feet and he steps back and gives her some unsolicited advice about how lucky she is to have people in her corner who care. She needs helps, she can't do it alone, and she needs to realize that. She snipes at him some more and he leaves her alone to sulk. Tough love from the Leg Whisperer!

Ruh-roh, Shepherd's students ask him if they can skip the lecture because they all want to go watch Dr. Grey remove a rare tumor. Shepherd laughs that Meredith is doing no such thing, but they assure him that his Post-It wife is in the operating room right now removing an incredibly rare and complicated tumor. Awkward! Also awkward is Cristina's boss rushing into the OR demanding to know what Cristina said to the Ancient One to get him to switch procedures and try the more minimally invasive one. He could get in a lot of trouble, not for sleeping with an underling, but for telling her about the desire to get rid of the Ancient One. Cristina pretends that she didn't say anything and is just as surprised as him that the Ancient One made the call. Parker sighs but then thinks it will be a good thing, because when the Ancient One screws up, the Board can fire him. Cristina looks panicked at her bad decision-making.

In the operating room, Meredith is yelling at her intern for bragging to her friends in front of the patient. Up in the viewing room Hunt is catching some zzzs, because he has nothing else to do on set and may as well be well-rested. Apparently Shepherd put the interns into time out or something, because he comes to the gallery alone, disturbing Hunt's nap. He whines that Meredith is "bubble wrapping" him, but Hunt won't hear it. He thinks Derek needs to be bubble wrapped because whenever things get emotionally rocky, he bails and runs off to the Tin Can of Sadness in the woods. Hunt thinks Meredith is protecting him from the world, but also trying to insure some personal stability for her family by keeping him insulated. Shepherd blinks a few times that Hunt had so many lines all in a row. Hunt laughs that the speech was actually meant for Cristina, but it worked her so he just blurted it out. Shepherd nods understandingly.

In another OR, four doctors peer over a man's private parts while Bailey makes crude fart and ball jokes. When no one laughs, Bailey assures them that she didn't bully Kepner into giving up the surgery, but no one cares. Jackson is just being a pouty little baby about his mom dating his once-boss and Weber and Katherine are just trying to pretend that their relationship is under still wraps. Also, they may be slightly more professional then the weird version of Bailey that we are getting for this episode. Remember when Miranda Bailey was awesome? Not some sex-crazed break room denizen who makes fart jokes in the operating room after trying to steal surgeries from her less tenured coworkers? Remember?

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