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Oh, Balls

Over in Minnesota, the Ancient One is struggling with the newfangled technology. He curses and flails and eventually asks Cristina to take over. Instead she shows him a trick and he gets the hang of it. When Cristina tries to assist him, he good-naturedly tells her to back off.

Deep in the basement of Seattle Grace, Robbins' is still being fitted for her prosthetic. The Leg Whisperer hasn't come back, either. Luckily when Arizona makes a misstep and is about to make a dramatic slow motion fall, Alex just happens to be stopping by and manages to catch her before she hits the ground. He sits her down and disaffectedly examines her leg stump noting his own handiwork. She asks him if he has destroyed her department yet, and he assures her he is the only thing holding pediatrics together, but they really need her back. She pouts that she's trying and Alex decides it's a good idea to remind her that Callie is trying too. Instead of smacking him with her fake leg, Arizona just stares at him, letting the Gospel of Alex soak in.

Cristina's boss stops her on the way out of the hospital, smiling that the procedure went "gangbusters." She chides him for looking disappointed that the surgery went so well and reminds him that the Ancient One is a historic treasure, but there's not a hint of a joke in her voice and you can tell she means it this time. Parker shrugs and points out that she's out of surgery early so maybe she wants to have some inappropriate sexual relations in the HR director's office? Cristina cuts him off, because she's having drinks with a friend.

Back at Seattle Grace, Alex's wisdom has given Arizona some clarity. She stands in her prosthetic leg and stares at herself in the mirror. When the Leg Whisperer finally returns to his patient, she almost smiles as she tells him where it hurts. He smiles that he'll see what he can do about that. Back in the intern's practical lab, Smash Williams is finally able to do a central line, thanks to Derek's excellent teaching skills. Shepherd smiles beatifically at his new career path.

Katherine and Weber give the Elephant Man the news that he is going to have to find an all new nickname, because he is healed. They nudge him to go tell the girl of his dreams that he loves her. That's when he admits that he's actually in love with his friend, but doesn't know how to tell her. Weber gives him the fatherly wisdom that they just surgically removed the only thing he had to be embarrassed about. Um, Weber, he could have a lot of things to be embarrassed about. For example, he could have extremely stinky feet or eat noodles with his hands or like the Counting Crows. When his friend returns to his hospital room, he kicks Weber and Katherine out so he can tell his friend that he loves her. Instead of giving them any privacy, they watch from the hallway and lay odds on the likelihood of getting invited to the wedding. This is Seattle Grace after all and they have a reputation to maintain.

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