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Oh, Balls

Jackson interrupts their ogling and demands to speak to Weber man to man. His mother says no and tries to put him in time out, but Weber encourages her to let Jackson play grown up. Avery tells Weber it is okay for him to date his mom even though he doesn't like it all. Then they get in a territorial pissing contest like two worked up Shih Tzus with Weber telling Jackson that he doesn't want a piece of him and Jackson telling Weber he's watching him and walks off. Bailey, who witnessed the whole thing, gets in one last inappropriate joke when she tells Weber that his interaction with Jackson took some pretty big balls. Ba-dum-BUMP. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, tip your servers on the way out.

Derek asks Meredith about her day and specifically about her tumor. She balks, but after Derek promises that he won't grow a beard and run off to the woods, she tells him about her tumor-iffic day. Derek gets so excited that he kisses her right in the middle of the hospital without even bothering to reserve the break room. Scandalous!

Robbins is finally back from her prosthetic fitting and is sitting on the couch while Callie puts their invisible baby to bed. Callie's about to head off to sleep in Mark's apartment, when Callie stops her, pats the couch, and says that American Bake-off is starting. Callie pauses and then tentatively goes to sit next to her wife on the couch. She should send Alex an Edible Arrangement for helping Robbins see the light! Speaking of lights, Kepner and Jackson are turning the lights in the break room off again. One last go round before Kepner's a virgin again! I think that's how it works, right? Have surreptitious sex 12 times and then you're a virgin? I'll have to look up the exact methodology on Wikipedia. Over in Minnesota, Cristina and the Ancient One are having a drink at a bar.

The Ancient One knows that they are trying to kick him out of the hospital. He shows Cristina the gold watch they gave him as a retirement present four years ago that he wears to screw with them. When he orders an old fashioned from the bartender, Cristina cracks up laughing and joins him. At least she's having fun. Hunt on the other hand, has realized that Cristina isn't coming back to Seattle any time soon and is in the grow-a-beard-and-move-to-Derek's-trailer stage of grief. Hang out there too long, Hunt, and you'll be well on your way to a Unabomber plotline.

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