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Death by Teamwork

In the aftermath, we see shots of all of the doctors just standing, confused, while the alarms continue to beep. Elsewhere, Lexie sits with Evan, who is calmer now, and as she talks to him, he manages a small smile. Danny and the Candy Striper are the only two people left in the waiting room when Danny's dad arrived, who scoops his son up in a hug, thankful he's okay. It's heartbreaking when he happily says, "Where's Mommy? Let's go find Mommy!" Mommy had the misfortune of coming to one of the worst-run hospitals in TV history, sir.

With the hospital finally calmer, Mere starts the closing VO: "When we're headed toward an outcome that's too horrible to face, that's when we go looking for a second opinion." Derek is sitting at the table while Richard packs up his things, and he tells the Chief that it's not about the doctors, that they all are good. Richard seems surprised and claims to know that, then starts his usual (of late) blustering, asking Derek what he thought all of this was for. For Jennings it was all a legal matter but Richard needed to know who was finally responsible, and he's glad he was able to do that. Derek gives a well-practiced brow-furrow and heaves a pointed sigh, so Richard tells him to spit it out. Derek suggests that the problem wasn't one doctor but was too many who don't know or trust each other. He tells Richard that when he got to the room it was pure chaos, "Because that's the system now. Chaos. That has been the system that has been in place since this merger. Your system." Richard has been looking away pointedly, like a belligerent child, but finally looks at Derek as he adds, "I'm saying you should look into who's responsible." Derek then gets up and leaves. I'm not thrilled that it was Derek who said it, given that Derek can be a preachy, self-righteous ass, but he's totally right and maybe, MAYBE this will start the process of the Chief pulling his head out of his behind for the first time this entire season.

Alex walks out into the rain, on his cell again, but my guess is that he's leaving another message rather than actually talking to Izzie because after a moment, we see the scene from earlier when he throws it into the wall. Mere narrates, "Sometimes, the answer we get just confirms our worst fears.

"But sometimes, it can shed new light on the problem." Everything must have worked out after all because the firefighters are in fact lined up along the hallway when Roy is wheeled out of the elevator after his surgery. He seems much more peaceful than before, and they all congratulate him as he's rolled along.

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