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Death by Teamwork

"Make you see it in a whole new way." Reed is watching the procession when Cristina comes up and asks if April left yet. It's totally characteristic Cristina -- her voice is totally matter-of-fact, not mean, but definitely insensitive and poorly timed -- but Reed both doesn't know all that and probably wouldn't be in the mood for this even if she did. She starts to storm off but then comes back to assert that April was an even better doctor than Reed was, so "just please... shut up." Avery walks up and asks her if she spoke to April, which she didn't. Alex then walks by and after a moment, demands, "What?" from Avery. Avery says he's wondering if Alex is going to hit him again. Alex then does the unthinkable and apologizes, which Avery readily accepts and assures him to forget it since it was a rough night for all.

Charles, who so far I really feel is the big, dumb animal of the group, walks up and comments how stupid it was to miss looking at the airway, Lexie adds that the airway is always first, and Avery calls it med school 101. It marks the first time the two groups of residents have been able to find any common ground, but Reed isn't happy that it's at the expense of one of them and yells that it was a one-second distraction that led to a mistake. Charles adds that they all nearly got fired for that mistake and Avery backs him up: "Nosedive's got a point." Charles agrees before he realizes he's gotten a new nickname, which -- hee! The bickering continues until Cristina, of all people, jumps in to remind them that fixing mistakes and saving lives is, in fact, their job. She calls out Alex for being distracted all week and tells Avery who knows where he screwed up. However, their patients didn't die, so they didn't get caught, and what happened to April could have happened to any of them. Reed visible softens as she sees that Cristina might not be totally awful after all.

"After all the opinions have been heard, and every point of view has been considered, we finally find what you were after. The truth." April walks up in street clothes, looking wounded, but none of her Mercy Westers seem to find the right words and they wind up saying nothing to her. I guess Charles was right -- it really was different there, since I'm fairly certain our usual gang wouldn't just watch one of their own get fired like this and go home without saying anything. She walks off and Reed finally calls after her, but she just keeps going out the door.

Mere waits in her room as she VO's: "But the truth isn't where it ends." Bailey swoops in and hands her the papers to sign, and while Meredith isn't completely nasty about it she does get in a dig about how she thought Bailey had gone home and left her. Bailey just tells her, "Go home," and breezes back out past Derek, who has arrived to take her home. Mere's more than ready to go and gets in to her wheelchair, griping that she was waiting for Bailey all night. Seriously, she's in the hospital and friends with all of the staff. Doesn't she know they had a mass casualty to deal with? Chill out, girlfriend. VO: "That's just where you begin again..." She smiles at Derek, who is definitely subdued, but when she asks if he's okay he lies that he is. As he wheels her down the hall she seems to get a clue and asks, a bit concerned, "What happened today?" She wraps up her VO, "...with a whole new set of questions." The ever present thunder lets out another ominous rumble for good measure, and then we're out.

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