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Death by Teamwork

Cut to her in the seat at the table, saying it wasn't her patient -- that she had her for two seconds and was called outside. Richard asks her to start from the beginning, and thus starts a flashback from her perspective. She flounces into Mere's room for a break to keep from killing someone, and I must say it's nice to see her showing self-awareness. Mere was frustrated because Bailey hadn't come by to sign her discharge papers. Weirdly, Cristina seems to have not known Mere was leaving, and is happy that Mere can go home, get better, and come back. She's upset because there are more Mercy Westers than Seattle Gracers and therefore the Westers are kicking the Gracers' asses. She then says she misses Izzie. Well, that makes one of us. But really what she misses is just someone on their side, and she tells Mere to get back. She jokes that Mere should get a Wester to forge Bailey's signature on her papers so that they will then get fired, but then gets a page and had to leave. As she leaves, Mere called after her to send Bailey.

She walks into the ER where Hunt is calling instructions, and then offers her two charts -- her choice of a burn victim or the woman's child. Bailey comes in and yells for help, but when a disembodied female voice says that they can help, Cristina just shoves the two charts off on her. When Richard asks her who she handed them to, Cristina thinks a moment and visualizes the scene, but the doctors are just seen from the neck down. She has to admit she doesn't know.

April is next on the hot seat, as she was the recipient of the charts. We see the same scene, this time with a view of her and Reed's faces. After they get the charts, Reed gripes about how the Gracers are handing off the crappy cases while they take the good ones. They walk up to the patient in question, a woman named Cathy, and April takes her while Reed takes her young son Danny. As April works to take the temporary bandages off of her chest and leg, Cathy explains that they were on their way to Vancouver to see her husband and stopped for the night because of the rain. It turns out that they got out because they were on the first floor. April is a little bit distracted by all the action but tells Cathy she is glad they got out. Reed displays a sweet side with Danny that we hadn't yet seen, but both of the girls are distracted when another patient comes in. They are keeping score as to how many patients the Gracers get versus the Westers, and Reed gripes that no matter how good they are they'll never win because they are the newbies and the Gracers hate them. Yes, but have you given them any reasons to like you? This whole rivalry seems to be between the pots and the kettles fighting over who is the blackest. April says she won't let them hate her, and that she's easy to like, although Reed tells her that she didn't like her at first. Maybe she was also a passive-aggressive showoff when she met Reed. April seems nice enough now but she wasn't the perfect example of gracious behavior on her first day. April tries to get back to business and goes to look in Cathy's throat, but is distracted again when Cathy exclaims over the guy they are wheeling in with an axe sticking out of his chest. Reed notes that Charlie got a good case and April replies that they win before turning back to her patient. She tries to shake off the distraction and, forgetting what she was doing, tells Cathy she looks good and has only minor chest burns, but that the burn on her calf might be third degree. She calls for Sloan and when he and Lexie come over, she leaves.

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