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Death by Teamwork

Back in the conference room April finishes that after the initial exam she concluded Cathy was a burn patient and needed nothing surgical, so there was nothing more to do and she left to help Bailey. Flashback to the ER, where Bailey is working on the guy with the axe when suddenly, the axe is pulled out and Charles, who was holding it, keels over. As the open wound spurts blood everywhere and Bailey yells, April hollers that she's got it and runs over, emphasizing to the panel that Bailey really needed the help.

Bailey doesn't have long at Richard's table, because she's awesome and we all know it. She tells an appalled Richard that Charles fainted, and then threatens that he'd better have a brain tumor or something else because fainting is unacceptable.

Cut to Charles explaining that there was a blood drive that day. Flashback to the drive: Charles has a needle in his arm and is talking to Avery, who is eating post-donation cookies. Like everyone, they are griping, this time about what a maze the hospital is. Charles apparently lost a patient in a hallway and couldn't find her again, but both the guys agree that they shouldn't even ask for help because as Avery says, "These Seattle Grace people are kinda douchey." Pot/kettle example number one million. Both guys turn to look at Alex, who sneers at them, and the two chuckle as they use him as an example. As a nurse works on Alex's arm, all three of their pagers go off. Alex rips off the blood pressure cuff and runs out after Avery, while Charles tries to sound important but comes off as ridiculous as he hollers for someone to get the needle out of his arm.

Back in the ER, as Bailey brings in the guy with the axe in his chest, Cathy exclaims and the girls gawk. Bailey is calling instructions but then rethinks her actions and says she needs to get a good look at what she's doing. She asks Charles if he has steady hands, cuts off his story that he starts about his steady hands in college, and tells him to hold on to the handle without pushing or pulling. He tells her he understands, but in a quick cut to the jury room, he admits, "In retrospect, I should have had a cookie." He passes out and as he falls, pulls the axe out of the guys chest, which then hits him in the head as he falls. In her interview, Bailey can only repeat over and over how stupid he is, while we see back in the ER that she's trying to stop the bleeding. Seriously, of all of them Charles has had the fewest redeeming moments so far -- at least the others seem to have their (mean) acts together. April then yells and runs up, holding bandages to the wound as Bailey tells her to come with. Sloan and Lexie watch as Bailey looks around and orders Alex to clean up Charles.

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