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Death by Teamwork

Avery, however, reports that the nurse said she was in a lot of pain. That nurse is Tyler! It's kind of silly how relieved I am to see he survived the cuts considering he's a fictional character at a fictional hospital that just had fictional layoffs. He asks Avery and Cristina whose patient she is, because she's complaining of pain, and Cristina immediately says it isn't hers. Tyler just puts the charts down between them, and we're back to Richard asking who was on her. Reed, April, Cristina and Avery all say she wasn't theirs, and Lexie stutters what seems to be the same basic answer, so Richard asks who ordered the pain meds. Avery says that it was Cristina and Jennings immediately scribbles something on his paper, and then he reports that the next time he saw Cathy, she was dying. The three jury members look appropriately appalled and we're treated to Cathy gasping for air through purple lips that are about the same color of the very first tube of Wet N' Wild lipstick I bought back in my youth. Look, it was the '80s, okay? And to her great credit, my mother let me out of the house with it on.

Thunder punctuates Richard's incredulous, "When you saw her she was dying?" of course. Cristina is back in the hot seat and says no, just that she had pain. We again see Tyler ask whose patient it is only this time we follow Cristina as she asks Alex, who is on the phone, if it's his. He says no even though she points out that his initials are on the chart. Back at the panel, Avery tells Richard that Alex was on the phone, and we're treated to the whole scene again from Alex's perspective. Alex tells the panel that he was busy stitching up "Nosedive." Richard is too pissed off to have any brain power at all and Alex has to explain that he's talking about Charles, who fainted. Who couldn't have gotten that right off the bat? Other than Richard, I guess. Saundra looks like she's trying to maintain her professional demeanor but you can tell she's amused, and Jennings chuckles outright before commenting, "Nosedive. That's gonna stick." Richard is the only one not amused by this.

Nosedive himself is then up, and tells the Big Three that Alex was supposed to be stitching him up. Back in the ER, from the perspective of someone wheeling an IV along, we see Cristina again ask Alex if it is his patient. Alex is busy leaving a message for Izzie, which is clearly the latest in a long string of them, only this time he tells her that as it's been a week and he has no idea if she's alive or dead, he's calling the police if she doesn't call him back that night. It turns out we were watching from Nosedive's perspective, and he waves a suture kit at Alex as he hangs up the phone.

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