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Death by Teamwork

Richard is back to asking about Cathy -- Alex is pretty pissed and repeats that he never saw her, but Cristina tells them that she was the one who ordered Cathy's morphine. Again we see Cristina point out the initials on the chart, but we stay with her and Avery, and he asks how long it will be until they insert a bug up his ass too, noting how cranky they all are. Oh honey, don't pretend with those gorgeous wide eyes that you haven't also been ticked off at the whole situation sometimes. Cristina gets him back by reporting to Richard that Avery seemed consulting on a patient not his own, so she took care of it. Cathy reported that the pain was just localized to her chest; Cristina checked the chart for drug allergies and interactions, and then ordered morphine. When she lists off everything Cathy had been given, Richard seems surprised and suspicious that Cristina memorized the chart, but Cristina points out that she checked the chart three times to be sure as it wasn't her patient. However, she admits to dropping the ball a little when he asks if she followed up, and she has to admit that she did not as her patient was back from CT.

Back in the ER, Callie makes an announcement that the burn unit and ICU are all full, so all the patients are staying there until beds open up. Mark then pokes his head out of Evan's room to request that the trauma rooms be kept clear for burn cases. Cristina goes to check on Roy's films, which show an official diagnosis of Lots of Bad Shit. Worse than his physical problems, though, is his mental anguish as he hears Evan scream. Apparently he was trying to save Evan when he fell and he blames himself for what is happening to Evan now. Reed tries to convince him that he saved Evan's life, but an inconsolable Roy is convinced that he killed him.

Saundra breaks in to the flashback to ask if Cathy had pain in her chest or on her chest. Cristina says that it was the burns on her chest, but when Saundra thanks and dismisses her, Cristina gets defensive, wondering if they think Cathy had chest pains and she gave the wrong medication. Richard tells her it's hard to say as the next note on the chart is Lexie giving Cathy a chest tube, but Saundra then pretty firmly cuts him off and dismisses her again.

Lexie tells the Three that she was supposed to be with Evan, but we flash back to see how she came to give Cathy a chest tube. She's in the room with Evan when Callie and Mark make their announcements and then when Mark comes back in, he tells Evan gently that he has to cut into the burn to restore the circulation in his arm. Again, this scene is positively devoid of any humor or levity -- it sounds hellacious. Evan, crying, asks about his dad again and Arizona promises they are finding him. She then tries to ask him about his college search -- the reason he is in town -- and Evan says in a small voice he's not sure he could take the rain in Seattle. Just then, Mark starts to cut and Evan lets out an unholy wail. Mark clearly feels horrible and keeps saying he's sorry, assuring Evan he's going to be okay. Arizona tries to stay upbeat and talks about the rain and how it's not that bad, but when she asks Lexie for backup, the normally perky resident is sobbing in the corner and can't answer. Arizona tells her sternly to leave and come back when she's collected herself. Out in the ER, Lexie gulps at the air when Danny (not the best child actor this show has ever seen, but a super cute little boy) tells her she can't breathe. Lexie thinks he's talking about her and assures him that she's okay, but Danny actually means his mom can't breathe. When Lexie pulls back the curtain, we see the same purple-lipped shot of Cathy gasping for breath.

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