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Death by Teamwork

Lexie reports that Cathy had a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and back in the ER, she's got an oxygen mask on the patient while she holds a giant needle over her. Cathy gasps at her not to let Danny see her die, but Lexie promises that she's not going to die, and starts counting Cathy's ribs on her side. Richard keeps interrupting Lexie's storytelling which creates the same kind of tense, distracted atmosphere that was going on in the ER at the time, when Avery interrupted what Lexie was doing. She loses count (she has to go in through a particular space or could puncture Cathy's diaphragm) because Avery walks up and dramatically plunges something into Cathy's chest and she gasps for air.

Lexie is by far the most flustered of all the doctors and can barely get her story out. She did get the chest tube in, though we cut to Avery saying she missed a step. Back to him stabbing Cathy, he tells an appalled Lexie that it was a tension pneumothorax and he had to relieve the pressure so Cathy didn't die before Lex could get the tube in. He then offers to do it but she's pissed from everyone doubting her, resumes her count, and puts it in the tube. Excuse your recapper for whimpering in the corner as they sort of show the beginning of this process, which is my worst nightmare. It's like this is my payback for all of the bad things I've said about the show -- having to watch and relive my own painful surgical procedures. Avery tells Richard that she got the tube in though she was distracted, but we hear say that while she was working, "Dr. Yang was making a toddler cry." Isn't that just every day at Seattle Grace? At least she didn't have creepy Mr. Bear with her this time.

We're treated to Cristina yelling at Danny to stop something, and Danny starting to wail. Cristina defends herself and promises Richard he would have yelled too. In her own interview, Reed claims she has no idea how Danny got there -- forgetting that she herself said he could stay with Cathy until his dad arrived. The next time Reed saw Cathy, she was coding, though that wasn't before Roy got his turn to do so. Hunt goes to get ready for Roy's surgery, leaving him with Callie and Reed. Callie tells him that his whole crew is in the waiting room and he's a hero, but Roy is still bereft over what happened to Evan and keeps apologizing and crying. Reed explains to Callie what he's talking about and Callie tries to tell him that it was an accident. Roy's body has finally had enough, though, and they lost his pulse. Lowering his bed, Reed gets the paddles ready but Cristina just slams her fist into his chest, which restarts his heart again. Hunt, who has come back to witness this, is impressed but Reed isn't, and she hands the paddles back up, annoyed she couldn't save the life today. Danny then reaches up and grabs the paddles, causing Cristina to yell, causing Danny to cry, as we just saw. Richard wants to know who was supposed to be watching the kid -- something Cristina really wants to know too.

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