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Death by Teamwork

When Cristina walks up with Danny, Lexie claims she can't take him because she has to be with Evan, but then she looks in and sees Evan crying as Sloan and Arizona dress his burns and she changes her mind and offers to take the kid. Richard can't believe she left Cathy, but Lex argues that Cathy was stable and she had to stay with the boy. Richard points out that Cathy had a collapsed lung (so, presumably wasn't okay to be left there) but Lexie corrects that she was supposed to actually be with the other boy, Evan.

Arizona finds her in the waiting room playing with Danny and is none too happy. She calls a candy striper away from flirting with the waiting firefighters to take the boy so that she can rip Lexie a new one. When Lexie apologizes and tries to tell Arizona how she felt, Arizona -- all traces of the sweet pediatric surgeon gone for now -- yells that she's not allowed to feel anything because Evan is feeling everything on account of his nerves all being exposed. They have to make him feel worse before he can feel better, so Lexie has to shut down any of her own feelings and talk to him, reminding him he's got a future. She finishes by ordering that if she can't do this, her job, she needs to find someone who can. Back at the Table of Judgment, Richard asks if Lexie saw Cathy again. She didn't, nor did she see Alex perform an emergency cricothorotomy.

Charles, however, did see. From here on out, Richard really takes to interrupting and second-guessing everything they say, making the flashbacks choppy, but I'm going to try and keep the scenes together as much as possible for the sake of everyone following along at home. After Arizona finishes yelling at Lexie, Charles asks her if she's seen Alex, and it's really amusing how Lexie can't stop staring at his half-finished sutures and the thread that's hanging down and taped to his cheek as she tells him she hasn't. When Charles gets back to the ER, Tyler yells at him that Cathy isn't breathing, so Charles tries to intubate while another nurse cuts off the extra thread and removes the tape from his face. Charles can't do it because there is too much swelling, so Reed tries it herself and runs into the same problem. Richard tries to get them to admit they can't intubate but both of them argue that they just couldn't do it on this particular patient because her airway was totally closed off. They then hear Alex yell at them to move.

Back to Lexie's interview -- she tells them that Reed and Charles both tried to intubate and when that failed, Alex performed the emergency crich. Richard points out that she said she didn't see it, and she admits that she did. For someone whose biggest fault was getting overwhelmed by her emotions, she manages to make herself look pretty guilty with her inconsistent answers. Richard asks her in his best "duh" voice if she then tried to help.

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