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The next episode blends right into the first, but Richard's brand-new voiceover gives away the break and this hour he tells us that waiting can kill you. A nod to Bailey's opinion about his needing surgery, perhaps? He then adds that the only thing you're sure of during the wait is that your decision was wrong. Bailey and Owen keep exchanging glances over Richard's body as if trying to reassure each other that they are doing the right thing. In another OR, Derek is still trying to save Heather.

Meredith is still completely confused and annoyed and rants to Cristina and Alex that she's told Richard for years that he's not her father, and she knows he still feels guilty that he broke up her parents' marriage. By the way, knowing what we do now about Thatcher and Ellis, can we admit that that marriage probably wasn't going to make it even if Richard hadn't come into the picture? There are some tension-busting jokes about Richard maybe really being her father, but when Alex leaves Mere's phone rings and Cristina answers and gets updates on both Richard and Heather. Judging by her face, neither is good.

And as if the situation weren't tense and complicated enough, Catherine arrives at the hospital. Jackson gives her an update on Richard and as she glances at his test results, she yelps, appalled at them bringing him back into surgery, and she storms off.

Heather, meanwhile, is getting ready for the Veronica Mars movie so she flatlines on her Grey's Anatomy table. Derek begins doing compressions.

As Bailey and Owen begin to despair that they can't find anything wrong in Richard's torso, Catherine stomps into the gallery, smacks her fist into the PA button, and demands to know what they are doing. Really helpfully, she continues to scream at them from above and completely blows off Bailey's answer when she points out that she wants to find what is wrong before it kills him. Unfortunately, his vitals plummet and alarms start to blare. As Catherine very dramatically pulls The Graduate against the window above, Smash runs in to tell Owen that Heather is crashing. The two guys run off, but in Heather's OR, things are bleak and Smash begins to panic.

Jackson then walks up as Smash runs out and asks how it is going; in response, Smash tries to sprint away from his smothering guilt. Jackson watches him go and then turns to Owen as he walks out, and Owen's face says it all -- she had another job and couldn't stay on this show.

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