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Can two people really be meant to be? Meredith voice-ponders the idea while the doctors are in a staff meeting where many Soulful Glances are exchanged, especially between Jackson and April. Cristina stares impassively at her estranged husband as he wraps things up by announcing that it's Arizona's first day back. He thinks that she should be heartily welcomed while Callie thinks it would probably be best if no one made a big deal about it at all. As everyone turns to leave Owen has just one more tiny little thing to say, which is that everyone now knows that a group of doctors have filed a lawsuit against the hospital. He tells everyone that this absolutely doesn't affect the staff as they are to all just keep taking great care of the patients and continue supporting each other. After everyone else files out Cristina walks up and tells him that he did a good job, but she's got some bite behind the statement and I'm not sure if she's mocking the situation or just him for what he said. He looks like he'd rather be trapped in a bathtub full of cockroaches than in this conversation and asks what she wants, so she quickly asks him what he wants to do with the firehouse now that she is no longer living there. He just replies that it's her house and she should do what she likes.

Callie wants everyone to act normal to the point of disinterested in Arizona's arrival but she's doing lots behind the scenes to make Arizona feel like it is just any old day. This includes having Heather lurk around a corner with a wheelchair should Arizona need it. Her feeling is that Arizona will get tired and sore but she won't ask for the chair unless it's nearby. When she walks up (serving up Kerry Weaver realness with her cane) Callie greets her happily but runs off immediately to go work on Derek's hand. Alex doesn't seem super interested in all of Callie's machinations; he greets Arizona with his usual underexcited demeanor but actually seems glad to have her back when he immediately starts running through a list of all their patients. Heather lingers behind them, pushing a wheelchair that's squeaking like a prop in a horror movie.

Ben may be in med school but he's miraculously also had time to plan his dream wedding and he's driving Bailey crazy via the phone over the idea of a Christmas-themed event. She has no interest in going through a big wedding a second time, especially if it means inviting people who already came to her first wedding and bought her gifts. Richard, however, tells her he'd happily come AND buy her a new wedding gift. April has been standing nearby and chimes in about her dream wedding which involves releasing butterflies when she says "I do," and having mints printed with "Mint to Be" on there. Why not "Mint for Each Other"? Maybe the price is per letter. They might be small mints. Bailey looks like the mints might make her vomit and declares she wants to get married at the courthouse, followed by a cocktail party. There's talk about Ben trying to get his deposit back on the venue but the real point of that conversation is to drop the date so that April can realize what it is and freak out.

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