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Jackson runs and finds April so that he can pull her into another empty room and announce that he's in, "All the way." She's totally confused, while he's pumped up and tells her that this wasn't what they planned but they can get married and be awesome parents and he's in and excited and isn't this just the best? She is hesitant but into the idea and when he convinces her he means it, she starts getting excited too. He tells her that she herself was the one who said that something that feels this good can't be bad. Oh dear. All over the world, some teenagers just decided some probably unwise moves are justified in the name of young love. She's shocked that he wants this but thrilled that she'll get her wildflower-and-butterflies wedding and he's actually really cute as he promises her that they can have whatever wedding she wants. She asks if he's sure they can do this, he is, and they jubilantly make out. The one question neither of them asks is... what if she's not actually pregnant? Because there is no way after all this buildup that the two of them are just going to ride off into the Mint-to-Be sunset.

Owen finds Richard and asks him how he knew that the meeting would take a terrible turn; Richard reminds him that he was Chief for 11 years and he knows how the attorneys look for a scapegoat when it comes to a lawsuit. Owen is a little confused, then, as he reports that they supposedly have his back and he wonders why that would be. Richard thinks for only a moment before figuring it out; he reminds Owen that he's married to someone on the other side, and asks if they seemed unhappy about that. A light finally clicks on in Owen's ginger head and he thanks Richard and leaves.

Back in Graham's room, Bailey has broken the bad news and Hank is having a hard time accepting it. Bailey promises that he will go back on the list but points out that given his age and condition... Graham finishes up over Hank's pleas that he's a sick man and they should give the next liver to someone that can make it last. When he asks, Bailey admits that he probably only has a week. Smash has a little snotsicle forming from one nostril as he tries to keep it together and when Graham accepts the news with grace, he loses it. He tries to leave but Graham makes him stay and tells him that he's had a good life full of people who love him, so Smash isn't allowed to cry for him. Even Cristina looks stricken at how amazingly Graham is accepting his fate. He tells Hank that they've got this week and they'll make it count, and then everyone cries.

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