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April finds Jackson sitting outside in the dark and walks up with the results in hand, far calmer now that there is a plan. She sits, reads that she's not pregnant, and is quietly stunned for only a moment before overreacting to this in much the same manner she has about everything else. She starts thanking God and cheering that now they don't have to get married, and wow did they dodge a bullet! She is so wrapped up in herself again that she doesn't see Jackson's sad face and it doesn't occur to her that he still doesn't like relations with him to be compared to fatal incidents of any kind. She tries to backtrack and tells him that now they can just go back to normal dating, only this time she'll go on the Pill. Jackson, though, is so very done. He tells her not to bother, and that he thinks that this was a sign that they need to stop. She is finally stunned to silence and just agrees when he says it's for the best. He then gets up to go back to work with Callie.

Outside of Graham's room, Cristina calls a still-snuffly Smash over ("Weepy"), places her hand on his arm and tells him gently that it's no big deal, but never do that again. "It's gross." I seriously love Cristina With Feelings. She's still her badass self but just with this new layer of humanity that's made her a more awesome version of her old self. THIS is how you do character development, people. Bailey notices this too and teases Cristina for obviously caring for both Smash and Stephanie, and for Bailey enough to give her surprisingly good wedding advice that she's planning to take. Cristina tries to deny it but Bailey is certain that something in Minnesota changed her.

Callie is nearly delirious from studying hand surgeries when she finds Derek rifling through her paperwork; she wanted him to wait until she could put together a proper plan and present it to him. She's been busting her ass, talking to surgeons all over the world to try and come up with something and finally yells that the surgeons she should be talking to is HIM. He gives her an infuriating smile and tells her that they are going to throw all of this out and start over with new studies to try and come up with a new approach. She's pleased that he finally seems to truly be on board and thinks they can start now but he gives her the night off to actually get some rest first. She's visibly relieved at the idea and thanks him.

Meredith finds Cristina out on a bench pondering her life, and she asks Mere if she's changed. She's upset because Owen claims nothing has changed but she thinks that SHE might be what is now different, and is distressed that he will never know since he refuses to talk to her. Mere points out that her wanting him back proves that she's changed and Cristina knee-jerk replies that she doesn't. But after a moment, she admits that in fact she does. Meredith replies supportively that both of them have changed, and that's actually a good thing. And a completely shocking thing, because it really is true. I mean, who would have thought that Meredith would turn out to be actually kind of awesome? Not me, my friends, and yet here we have it.

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