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Once they are in a room alone, she tells him that she's late and it takes him an unrealistically long time to realize that she means she's Late-late and all that that implies. His face goes from confused to shocked while tries not to burst into tears over being four days late for the first time in her life.

April begins to completely melt down, which might be more affecting if we hadn't seen this same type of thing every week each time she and Jackson had sex. And look, unexpected pregnancy is a completely fair reason for a freakout, but I've got April-freakout-fatigue. Jackson tries to reassure her that she's not pregnant but she's adamant that her body is a clock. As someone whose body is more like one of those funhouse clocks that can turn any way at any time and has a goofy assortment of symbols on the face and cartoon characters popping out on springs, I have never been able to relate to this. They agree that April has to do a test immediately but a blood test will be more certain and will also take longer so that the tension can drag out through the entire hour-long episode. They leave to go draw her blood but when they get into the hall she's pulled away to see a kid who was just brought in after a horseback riding accident. Jackson tells her to text him when he's ready, so she runs off to actually practice some medicine. Callie then comes up and enlists Jackson to help out with finding a career-saving surgery for Derek's hand. He tries to get out of it but she won't accept that and pulls him away.

Richard compliments Hunt on his speech but since Hunt's panties are permanently wadded up these days, his response is to ask Richard if he wants anything. Hunt is about to meet with the hospital's attorneys and Richard wants to make sure he's ready; Hunt seems almost insulted at the idea he might not be. He tells Richard that he's just going to tell them what happened, as if he's about to go have coffee with a friend to hash out a simple misunderstanding. Richard just lightly warns Owen that the hospital is a business and in a situation like this, Owen should be careful that they don't back him into a corner. Owen is confident that he'll be fine and pulls so much attitude that Richard immediately backs off and agrees, telling Owen to just ignore him. He was only Chief for years and might have valuable insight into this type of situation, after all.

Owen walks in to the meeting and there are three attorneys, the apparently leader being a relatively young, smarmy guy. There's also a woman and then another man who never says a word. As they get started, another woman walks into the room and takes a seat against the wall to observe. Her eventual introduction is a little weird since Owen gestures to her a lot throughout his interview so I'll introduce her now as Roberta Thompson, the newest hospital Board member. The first thing they do is hand Owen a confidentiality agreement to sign which he does with only the quickest of glances. The conference room is like a really unfun Vegas: what happens there, stays there. They make a point of reminding him that this means he can't discuss things with Cristina and he tersely tells them that it's fine. They then ask why the docs were on the plane in the first place and he says that Boise requested their help since the Seattle docs had performed a similar conjoined twin separation surgery a few months earlier.

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