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Out at the nurses station Arizona asks if the kid is always that quiet and Alex brushes off that he's just weird. They get a call from April downstairs asking for a consult on her horse-riding accident kid; both are going to go but Arizona convinces Alex to go ahead since she's moving a little bit slowly. As she makes her way down the hall Heather and her squeaky chair follow and Arizona finally notices that she's got a high-pitched, whiny shadow. When Arizona turns on her, Heather lies that she got lost, turns and pushes the chair the other way down the hall.

In the ER, Alex does an ultrasound on the kid who turned out to be wearing expensive sneakers while riding, which is how his foot slipped through the stirrup and he got in his accident in the first place. April wants to get a CT but Alex tries to get her to hold on for a moment until Arizona can make it downstairs. April is not to be messed with on a day when she thinks there's a Punishment Bun in her oven and she wheels the kid out. When Arizona finally makes it in a couple of moments later she seems somewhat defeated to find just an empty room.

Cristina is taking her teaching seriously, and puts Stephanie through her paces as she gives Graham an ultrasound. Smash runs in and once again his lousy poker face gives away that he's good bad news, though it could be worse -- the plane is delayed an hour. (Of course, this makes me wonder if the plane has crashed but it turns out it really is just delayed.) Hank is sure this means doom and only gets more and more upset as Graham maintains that he's sure it happened for a reason. He points out that everything happens for a reason and his example is that he'd never have met Hank if his ex-wife didn't want to move to Seattle to be closer to her family. But mention of the ex and the 30 years Graham spent with her pushes Hank off the edge, and he yells that he doesn't believe any of this mumbo-jumbo because he himself was alone and sad for 30 years before meeting Graham, while Graham was scared and trapped in his marriage. Hank is terrified that something is going to fail with this liver and he won't get the 30 years he wants with his love. Graham, despite having a completely different outlook, knows that Hank is terrified and tries to soothe him while Smash promises they will get the liver if he has to go pick it up himself.

Mere goes back to the ER to report to Grabby McAssy that his scans are clear and he's free to go but as she talks to him, he reaches out and grabs her boobs with a frat boy-esque, "Nice!" Mere pulls his hand away as the guy's daughter lays into him and she notices something; she reaches over and touches her pen to his palm and each time she does so, he grabs it. She asks some questions and finds out that this has been going on for three years but before that, McAssy was McNormal. Mere pulls Jo aside and tells her that this kind of reflex and lack of inhibition could be caused by a brain tumor and she's to order a CT right away and page neuro. Jo tries to kiss her ass by telling Mere how smart she is but Mere shuts her right down and Jo takes it like a pro and decides to just do her job... HA, no, I'm kidding. She looks put out that she did the wrong thing, yet again.

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