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Cristina runs up to Owen so that he can sign off on a surgery for her but as soon as that's done, he very obviously tries to get away from her as fast as he can. Cristina is sick of it, and once again asks why she's there. She knows now that he pushed for her hiring but he very clearly doesn't want her anywhere actually near him. He gives her some bullshit answer about how he runs a hospital and she is a great doctor, so it's a business decision. When she presses him, asking if that was really the only reason, it's like poking a sleeping bear. He throws it back at her and wants to know what she wants since she moved away and told him to stop calling. When she doesn't have a good answer he rather cruelly reminds her that they want different things, and each time they try to ignore that they hurt each other. He points out that nothing has changed, and she can only give a tiny impassive nod in response.

While Bailey eats lunch she gripes about twig reindeer -- which I have to admit I love -- and icicle lights, and Callie tries to act like she doesn't love those things either. She and Jackson are supposedly doing research to save Derek's hand, but Jackson is more interested in worrying about his possible fatherhood. Interestingly, he makes a comment about how love can make you do stupid things, and while I haven't ever doubted that he's in love with April it's interesting that he's finally said whether he realized it or not. The others don't catch it -- Callie just tells him to get back to work. Arizona comes in to say hi and to let Callie know she's doing an exploratory surgery and will be late. Bailey can't believe she'd do that her first day back and starts to comment about how long she'll be on her feet but Callie not very subtly shakes her head and shuts her up. She then changes the subject back to the Christmas wedding and everyone seems to forget the momentary weirdness. Jackson finally gets a text from April to meet her in an exam room, so he bolts while Callie yells after him. I love how every time you see a text message on an iPhone on TV, there's no message history there at all -- just a single bubble with the latest one. Though I suppose if we saw Jackson and April's history it would all be messages similar to this one asking him to meet her in an empty room somewhere, for much more enjoyable activities than a pregnancy test.

Before Jackson can get there, Mere runs into April and quickly realizes that something is wrong. April cries to her that she had a plan that included having a husband, a "Mint to Be" wedding, and that she had planned to tell that husband that she was pregnant with a t-shirt that said, "World's Greatest Dad." Mere figures out what's going on but at least April finally admits that she doesn't know for sure yet. Mere just smiles and tells her that plans never work out the way you meant them to, and this is especially of true with plans for babies. She goes on that you can try and try to get pregnant and don't, and then once you stop trying then it happens when you least suspect it. And if you're this recapper, you don't suspect anything at this point because this is totally what happened to them with Zola. Jackson then comes in so Mere leaves them alone, and the two possible parents put their arms around each other and walk off to go do the blood test.

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