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The attorneys have now gotten into the meat of their interview with Owen, and they ask him who made the decision to use Skytrip as their charter company. Owen is very comfortable telling them he has no idea who made the decision or how long ago that happened. Owen, you're a grown man with life experience. How can you sit there and smugly think you're just going to tell the truth and this is all going to be peachy? Slowly, it's revealed that the hospital switched to Skytrip to save money despite that company subcontracting out to other companies with a history of mechanical issues. Four incidents since 2010, as it turns out. Owen's voice falters a little as he says that he's in charge of a surgical staff, not the budget, and then he turns to Roberta and starts yelling at her, demanding to know what fucking idiot would approve this type of thing in order to save money and wouldn't even check the company's safety record before signing a deal with them? The female lawyer pointedly slides a piece of paper over to him that shows that the idiot is in fact... Owen.

His bravado now completely gone, he tells them that he doesn't remember the approval specifically but he did it and he figures the next step would be for him to resign. Roberta finally jumps up and introduces herself, which is weird, since Owen kept talking at her and gesturing to her as representing "the hospital" when he was talking earlier. In fact, he does tell her that they've met before. Roberta says that he's an amazing Chief of Surgery and he wouldn't be as good at that job if he had to worry about all sorts of little piddling budget details like airplane safety records. She admits that a mistake was made that cost people dearly -- including his wife -- but the Board is throwing all of their support behind him. Owen is still so sick at the revelation that this is partially his fault that he doesn't realize yet that something smells really funny about this show of support.

Jackson draws blood from April in a darkened exam room so that it feels that much more depressing and dramatic. Both of them aren't sure what to say, though April supplies that she should have been on the Pill and Jackson agrees that they were both kind of stupid about it. She then tells him in her tiny voice that she can do this by herself since she knows it isn't what he wanted. Just as Jackson realizes she means "raise a baby" and not "draw my blood" they are interrupted by Alex and make a bunch of lame excuses as they jump up. April leaves to go tend to her patient while Jackson stares contemplatively at the blood that might change his life.

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