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Bailey is wrapping up her part of Graham's surgery and can't stop complaining to Cristina about Ben's womanly obsession with the details of their nuptials. She's appalled when Cristina's response is to say that it's only a wedding, figuring that she would have been the one person to support Bailey's obstinacy. But Cristina points out that she didn't care about the wedding at Meredith's house but did it for Owen. Her advice to Bailey is to wear the big dress, because there will be bigger battles. Bailey, still smarting from Cristina turning on her, shoots back that clearly that philosophy worked sooooo well for her and Owen.

Unsurprisingly, April can barely hold herself together during surgery on the poor stupid horseback-riding, sneaker-wearing kid. She rants and raves, comparing horseback riding to sex in a very obvious way, finishing with the unfortunate conclusion that you might as well just ride bareback. Um, no, kids, don't ride bareback. I mean, you can actually ride a HORSE bareback, but best to use protective gear when doing April's type of riding. Arizona manages to ignore April and stops to take a quick stretch break; when she steps aside, Heather starts sneaking towards her with a regular old chair but this one also has squeaky wheels. Are there any seats in this hospital that might just roll along silently, or did those get taken away because of budget cuts too? Arizona finally yells at her to stop stalking her with chairs and Alex gives a tiny nod so that Heather knows she can actually lay off. This doesn't go unnoticed and Arizona gives Alex a glare.

Meredith heads back to the ER where Jo reports that McAssy does in fact have a tumor, but that the neuro doc says it's inoperable so they are sending him home. She gazes at father and daughter and talks about how sad it is that the daughter thought her dad was a dirtbag but now that she knows the truth, it's too late... and then she turns around and realizes that Meredith is gone and gives another stinkface. Seriously, show, let's give her a point of being here. Every other intern has proven to be more interesting and I'm still disgusted at the idea that she's being groomed as Alex's new love interest because she has nothing to bring to the table except a great aura of disappointment.

OMG! Nurse Bohkee actually gets called by name! Granted, it's by Stephanie who admonishes her for having the wrong kind of something-or-other ready for Cristina. Girlfriend, Bohkee rules this joint and I'd be careful what tone you take with her. Cristina offers Stephanie the chance to close him up herself and Bailey freaks out, but Cristina stands up for her intern and says that she's been practicing for days and she's sure she is prepared. Unfortunately for Stephanie and her smug mug, Smash then notices a lot of bleeding and things get very tense as he and Bailey try to stop it.

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