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Three days after we last left our fighting doctors, Meredith is talking about shadows. "Every surgeon I know has a shadow. A dark cloud of fear and doubt that follows even the best of us into the OR." Derek looks like a homeless man, unshaven, unbathed and surrounded by garbage on the couch, eating out of a box of cereal. Meredith, Alex, Lexie and Izzie are watching him and Meredith is trying to defend her boyfriend when Alex says that he is fried. She points out that he lost a patient and was hit with a lawsuit (presumably about said patient) in the same week. Alex is just pissed that Derek is eating Alex's cereal, but Izzie dreamily defends him, saying, "Something huge and life-altering happened to him and he's taking stock. Figuring out his next move. We shouldn't judge him." Oh, but we totally will, and we'll judge you too, Blondie. When both of you aren't such jerks anymore I'll see about revising that policy. Meredith finally declares them all cowards, I think because they won't talk to the stinky form on the sofa, and she walks up to compliment him for eating and to suggest a shower. Her hair looks as bouncy and amazing as his looks greasy. His drama really agrees with her locks, at least. She asks if he's going to go into the hospital and he mopes that he has to go for the deposition, to explain how he killed someone's pregnant wife. Meredith tells him that's good and then corrects her meaning, but he just glares at her, shoves the cereal box at Alex, and storms off while Mere makes excuses that he'll be fine.

"We pretend the shadow isn't there, hoping that if we save more lives, master harder techniques, run faster and farther, it will get tired and give up the chase. But like they say, you can't run from your shadow." Hunt proves her point nicely when Cristina comes up to him, sleeping on a gurney, and leans in to wish him good morning. He awakes with a start and pushes Cristina across the hall and into a cart full of supplies, cutting her arm. She greets him with a put out, "Good morning!"

Hunt works on taping up the wound on Cristina's arm while she makes small talk about the time she dreamt she was falling out a window and holding on to some curtains. She woke up to find she was actually pulling out Meredith's hair. He doesn't really answer since he knows she's trying to make light of what happened so she starts to talk about the trauma that they have coming in. Hunt, though, orders her off of his service despite her protests. When Meredith comes in and asks what happened Cristina brushes it off, saying she tripped and fell, and she's fine. Hunt jumps in to say that she's not, but he doesn't fess up to what really happened and once he leaves, Cristina just tells Mere there was an accident and asks what's up with her. Mere tells her that Derek won't get off the couch and Cristina groans, "Ugh. So the weaker sex."

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