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Lexie is speaking on behalf of the interns, and they have a diagnosis: Metastatic melanoma that has spread to the liver, skin and brain. Izzie's face drops just enough that I think she really didn't know, but the interns all look really proud. With chemo and radiation, the diagnosis is that X has a few months to live but Ryan adds dismissively that's a best case scenario. "Girl's pretty much toast." Stinky adds that there's only a 5% survival rate, entirely dependent on how talks go between Heigl's people and the network. Okay, that last part was my own. The interns start to chatter about how they'd spend their last few months and then Graciella asks happily what their prize is for getting it right. Izzie loses her cool and yells angrily that their prize is that they didn't screw up and that they got to be doctors, while dramatic music emphasizes her words to the ungrateful little wretches.

Out in the hall, Richard is stunned to see a very angry Adele arrive and order him into the conference room while Bailey smirks. Adele then orders her in too, and she happily grabs her coffee and skips in.

Beth is touching the spot in her chest where they've put in a pacemaker and asks in awe if she's not sick anymore, adding, "A wrestler fixed me." I do love the nod to high school stereotypes of which we all are guilty. Alex explains that she still has a heart problem and has to see a cardiologist, but she's just thrilled that no one else has to know, and she won't have to wear a bracelet. With tears in her eyes she tells him, "It's everything. Once people see you as sick they don't see you as anything else." CLUNK. I'm sorry, the anvil that is Izzie's new illness just nearly flattened me. The seizure patrol comes in and gripes that they didn't win a trophy and when Beth says there's always next season, they rudely suggest she try out something else and lie badly that they're just worried for her safety. Alex announces that they don't have to worry since they fixed her. "Epileptic bone." Ms. Seizure Patrol spits back that there's no such thing so Alex demands to know if she's a doctor. Ms. SP then asks skeptically if Beth is normal now and Alex replies, "Dude, none of you are normal. You're freaking band nerds." The seizure patrol sulk their way out of the room, but Beth just laughs.

Adele immediately takes Richard to task for his "petty, infantile" behavior and demands to know if he's running a hospital or a playground. Richard tries to tell his wife he won't be spoken to like that but she just cuts him off to demand, "Hospital or playground, Richard!" He mumbles that it's a hospital and so she tells him to start acting like it and apologize. Please, oh please let this lesson stick, because 17 episodes of the Chief acting like a whiny child is quite enough. She also demands that he apologize to Bailey and yells at him when his apology is totally insincere. She then orders him and Bailey to work their problems out and before she leaves, tells Bailey to wipe the smile off of her face because she's no better by, "Tattling on a man to his wife." True, it's low, but it's also effective.

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