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Kostas is very good at being an obnoxious frat boy and he tosses candy in his mouth while talking to Meg, knowing that it's killing Tricia as she watches from the doorway. Tricia gripes to Mere that Kostas is just doing this so that he can keep eating jelly beans, but Mere gently assures her it's probably more than that. Tricia is livid as she says then it's about girls, or snowboards, or whatever but those things don't matter. As I've already said, I get where she's coming from but she really needs a new approach. Mere assures her they'll be vigilant in monitoring his condition, but Tricia bitterly informs her that he's going to have the surgery, because she'll be on him until she dies to get it done. Mere asks, "And if he just wants to be left alone?" Tricia informs her, "You don't leave the people you love alone, Dr. Grey." She adds that her fear will save her brother's life. This is really kind of a bad parallel to Meredith's situation with Derek because if Meredith acted like Tricia it certainly would only make Derek more upset, but oh well. Meredith learns a lesson about persisting and helping, blah blah blah.

Lexie walks in to where Izzie is looking at all the films and sincerely tells her that she learned a lot by diagnosing a patient beginning to end, and thanks Izzie for teaching them. I spent a while being unsure about Lexie, but I think they've done a good job developing her and I'm fully on board now. Izzie then asks Lexie how she'd break the news, clearly needing to hear something that isn't just the interns laughing about how she's a goner. Lexie thinks a moment before saying she'd express how sorry she was and talk about support groups, but then she dies off and admits she doesn't know what you say to someone in that situation. Izzie jumps in to say that they have a choice to run away or face it. She also (mercifully) says that they should be around their loved ones because it's going to be a hard fight and they need all the support they can get. Please, oh please let this mean we're not going to go through a month of her trying to hide that she's got cancer. Izzie says that even though the odds are bad... but then her own voice dies and Lexie jumps in to say screw the odds. Her mom died of the hiccups, which generally has a 100% survival rate. She gets more passionate as she says that odds are crap and so Patient X should face it and fight, but then calms down and says maybe those aren't the exact words. But Izzie tells her, "Exactly those words." And then Lexie goes off, ignoring the fact that clearly she just talked to Patient X.

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