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Hunt is working on the computer when Cristina comes in and pokes him, causing him to jump and ask what she's doing as she leans in and starts typing. She announces that she's assigning herself to a trauma for the next day and over his protests, declares that she's a big girl who can handle herself, and she'll decide what's enough. "It's going to take a lot more than a bad dream to scare me off." Hunt gently tells her it's more than a bad dream, and just as gently she says that she knows, and touches his cheek. It's a nice moment between the two.

Mere is doing research in the cafeteria that night when Richard walks in and sits down. He then tells her that although he knows he has no right to ask anything of her... I hate that kind of comment. You're clearly going to break it, so just ask and don't try to make yourself look better first. He needs her to bring Derek back to the hospital and before she can answer he adds, "And he's not fine." Mere maintains her stance from before, with Tricia, and says that sometimes people want to be left alone. The Chief sighs, and then pulls out the big guns -- he tells Meredith about the ring and that Derek was planning to propose. "That's not a man who wants to be left alone." Mere is dumbstruck and Richard lamely explains that he just thought she should know. Way to meddle in people's lives solely for your own gain, Chief.

Lexie walks up to Mark and, fired up from her conversation with Izzie, tells him that she knows the odds are against them because all she does is break him, but that's not nothing and they shouldn't give up. Mark quiets her and asks, "You think you broke me, Little Grey? You're the one that put me back together." And that, my friends, is how you slowly bring about a believable relationship between two unlikely characters. He puts his arm around her and of course Lexie grabs his hand without thinking, causing him to gasp. Nelson then walks by and asks Mark if he wants to grab a drink, but Mark tells "John" he needs to rain check. As he leaves, NotDerek meekly corrects, "It's Jim." I feel really sorry for this guy, actually, but I still feel like he's going to go nuts sooner than later. My notes for this episode in fact read: "He might light the hospital on fire."

Arizona gets in the elevator with Callie, both in street clothes. Arizona begins to talk about her day, admitting she had her ass handed to her by Alex, but Callie cuts her off. She tells her one-time suitor that they don't have to do this and that they can perfectly well just hide from each other for the next long while, but Arizona then takes her turn and says Callie isn't hearing her. She admits that sometimes she misjudges a situation, and that she'd like to take Callie to dinner. Callie immediately tries to play cool and surprises Arizona by giving her a wishy-washy answer... but then immediately turns back around and asks if tomorrow night is okay.

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