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Izzie is waiting in the locker room and says goodbye first to Meredith and then to George, who stops a moment to talk to his friend. He says he's been keeping his distance since she's with Alex but that he still cares, and then asks her if she wants to talk about "it." George may be the butt of all their jokes, but he's the only one who manages to tell when something is wrong with one of his friends. I don't know how much he's guessed, but he accepts it when Izzie tells him she's not yet ready, and he wishes her good night. Izzie then walks towards Cristina, sits down next to her and asks, "You don't like me very much, do you?" Cristina stutters and looks around like she's trapped but Izzie quickly says that it's a good thing, because she has to tell Cristina something because she's a robot who can handle it. Cristina still has a little bit of "soft" left of her own from her conversation with Hunt and she agrees; Izzie's voice cracks as she says that she can't tell her there and Cristina actually looks a bit concerned.

Ugh, now I have to recap Derek at his absolute worst. He does "absolute worst" well -- he's back at his trailer, drunk and swinging a baseball bat in the night. How wonderfully cliché of him. Mere walks up and points out that he moved all of his things out of the house, but Derek just tells her to go home. As Meredith tries to coax him back into the world where he could face his mistake and move on, he gets more and more bitter, and spits back that Meredith should understand his hiding since she wrote the book on that, and on quitting... "You wrote a lot of books, Meredith." She just maintains that she's there now, but he chuckles meanly and grunts that she wanted him out since the day he moved in, and that she's incapable of any commitment. He accuses her of saying she was fixed when there's no fixing her. "You're a lemon." She's clearly getting pissed and trying to control herself as she tells him he's drunk. The problem is, he's a self-centered immature, asshole man-child who knows how to be crueler than anything when he wants to -- and I don't know about you but that's the kind of person I try to steer far clear of. You don't want to be with someone who can turn on a dime and cut you down to the bone at any given moment. But Meredith seems to want that, and tells him that he's drunk and angry, which she understands. He again orders her home, saying he's giving her an out like she's always wanted. Finally, with no other arguments left, she tells him that she knows about the ring. Derek is momentarily struck dumb and she says that the Chief told her. Derek looks completely devastated as he pulls it out of his pocket and asks, "You want the ring? Here's your ring." With that, he takes it out of the box and bats it away into the night. Way to respect an heirloom from your mother, you asshole. You may be mad at Meredith but I'd say you had no real right to do that, angry or not. Man, I can't stand Derek.

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