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Meredith's VO reminds us, "Every surgeon has a shadow." With that, Derek throws the bat down and goes into his trailer. Meredith calls after him, "Is that the best you've got? Because I'm not bailing. We're in this together." He just screams at her through the door to go home and the show moves to the ring, glinting in the grass as Mere VO's: "And the only way to get rid of a shadow is to turn off the lights.

"To stop running from the darkness. And face what you fear." Over the vent that helped blow Cristina's troubles away, we see Izzie's lips move as she presumably admits her cancer to Cristina, who remains straight-faced and just listens. Now, for a correction of sorts -- in my recaplet I said that thank goodness this is serious enough and requires such extreme treatment that Izzie won't be able to hide it from her friends. Any of you who saw the next-on probably guessed that I didn't see it, where in fact it seems that Izzie is trying to do just that. But I'll say here that I hope that doesn't last long, because this really is an opportunity for a meaty and fresh story that isn't just another version of people not trusting their friends and acting like morons. I'm spending the next few days offering up prayers to the TV gods that we get some good stuff out of the last few episodes of this season of Grey's.

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