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Her case involves three siblings, Tricia, Megan and Michael, who all carry the gene for some absolutely horrible strain of stomach cancer and therefore all have a 3 in 4 chance of getting it. Almost everyone on their mom's side of the family is dead, except for one lucky one who is merely 90 pounds and in hospice. That's quite a silver lining there. The brother is Kostas from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and as I've noticed when I've caught him on TV before, he's not nearly as hot as when he's tan and speaking with a Greek accent. Bailey tells her residents that the sibs have decided to take the next step, and Tricia explains they made a pact and are in it together. "Cut our stomachs out, Dr. Bailey." I love Cristina for the fact that she starts to wiggle a little bit and can't hide her sheer delight at the upcoming surgery.

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old girl is brought in to the ER in the middle of a seizure and not responding to any medication. She collapsed during a band performance and still has on her unfortunate green and yellow uniform. Hunt knows that shocking her will either kill or help her and after a moment, he decides to take a chance and goes for it.

After a lot of Serious Stares, the girl's vitals come back and Arizona compliments Hunt on his judgment call. The girl, Beth, then wakes and realizes in horror that not only did she seize again, but she did it during a performance. Alex tells her to relax, since it's not like she crapped her pants, but she cries, "It is like I crapped my pants. I had a seizure in front of the whole marching band; it's exactly like I crapped my pants!" She also knows that something called the "seizure patrol" is going to kill her. At that, two royally pissed-off band members slouch into the room. As seizure patrol, their job is to immediately drop their instruments and roll Beth onto her side so she doesn't choke on her tongue. But as they describe it, the girl spits the words out as if she's never been more inconvenienced by trying to help someone not die. Ms. Seizure Patrol then goes on to complain that they were in a regional parade and favored to win, but then Beth took a lot of people down with her so presumably they're out of it now. It's actually kind of stunning how much more she cares for the band in general than for a sick member. Alex shoos the Patrol out to call Beth's parents, and then Hunt orders tests. Since Beth already crashed once she needs to be monitored and Alex is given the job since there are no interns around to do it, and Alex is predictably put out.

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