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The two livid members of the Seizure Patrol are waiting in Beth's room and Ms. S.P. bitches that she doesn't know why their advisor even let Beth join, adding scathingly, "It's not like she's a master flautist." Ah, band insults. Alex gets sick of the bitching (especially as if Beth isn't RIGHT THERE) and sends them out; when they protest that they are supposed to stay he yells that he's the seizure patrol now. He then tells Beth her friends are jerks and she quickly explains that they aren't her friends. "Once you spaz out in front of the whole school friends are kind of hard to come by." Almost every day I have a little reminder as to why I'm so happy to have my school days behind me and that I'm an adult, and this is that moment for me today. Alex points out that she can't help the seizures, but no one forced her to join the band. "It's like spreading nerd on nerd." She doesn't take offense but instead fights back that she likes it and she's good at it. When she finds out he was a wrestler in high school she gives as good as she gets, asking if he's got on tights under his lab coat. Alex tells her that was before, and he's a surgeon now, so she puts it into terms he understands and asks how he'd feel if he seized every time he went into the OR. It does the trick, and he understands her a bit more.

Callie is unhappily working on Mark's hand, reminding him that as his doctor she isn't recommending what he's about to do. He maintains that he needs to be able to operate and she assures him that he will, he'll just be in a world of hurt later. He asks her if she knows Dr. Nelson and after a moment of thought chuckles and remembers that she does, calling him "Shadow Shepherd." Nice, since the guy was there before Shepherd was. I get it, but it seems like someone could have been a little cleverer with a nickname. She explains that he's okay, but he's JV to Derek's varsity. She continues to come up with witty comparisons along those lines until Mark stops her and asks, "So just because a guy doesn't publish fancy clinical trials or take on flashy surgery or have creepy perfect hair he's less than a man?" She admits, "Kinda," and then injects something into his hand. I think that the most important factor he lists is clearly the hair -- you can't be a good surgeon without the hair, right? Clearly, not in this hospital. Nelson is doomed.

Mere finds Derek dressed but not looking much better than he did earlier, slumped in a chair in a conference room. He's surrounded by files, and when she asks how it went he reports that they told him his death rate, and nods towards the two piles on the table. The larger of the two are all of the patients who have died. Mere tries to remind him that most of his patients were terminal when they came to him, but Derek won't be pulled out of his good wallow; he notes that he's killed more than Dahmer, Manson and Bundy combined. Mere argues that he's not looking at the big picture but he pouts, "This is the big picture," and then shuffles out.

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