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All's Fair In Love And Job Advancement

"No sex." Cristina has decided that she's got to play hardball in the Chief Resident game, and she thinks that, with formal interviews later that day, Owen shouldn't have his judgment clouded by thoughts of the hot sex he had with his beautiful wife the night before. Owen is incredibly skeptical about the plan, but Cristina won't budge. She also managed to work her way onto Owen's service for the day, claiming that since she can't work with Teddy and show what she's got, she has to then show it to Owen directly and prove what an amazing candidate she is. Of course, she hasn't totally thought this through as she might be ensuring that her boss is rather frustrated and cranky, but we'll see. Mere's VO for the day reminds us that we all know the saying, "Adapt or die."

Sometimes, when one is adapting, they have to attack or kill. Meredith tries to convince herself that Alex wouldn't attack but she's clearly unsure, so she actually asks him if he's going to say anything about her in his meeting. Alex oozes contempt as he points out he thought that she was going to just wish him luck, but now he knows it's every man for himself in this race. He walks out of the room leaving Mere aghast and even more scared than she was before. Is she new? Does she not remember that it's best not to poke a grouchy Alex with a stick lest he bite?

Lexie and Avery are brushing their teeth, both clad in towels just out of the shower. Now that's a view I'd like every morning. She coaches him about all the awesome things he needs to say about himself and the trial, adding that the trial is going to win every award there is. This seems to push some button and he goes from just silent and slightly nervous to full-on grouch who cuts her off, saying he knows what to say, and then shuffles out of the bathroom. Ooh, but what a view as he leaves. I've decided I'm not in love with his slightly longer hair, but I'll take that trade for those back muscles any day. Holy lats, Batman!

When Alex gets back to his room, Lucy is there in bed, checking her email. Really? These two are still happening? I never believed that Alex would moon around after this girl like a puppy. Stop trying to make Lucy happen, show. She is stunned to find out she got into some program at Baylor, but when Alex is excited for her she immediately starts hedging and talking about everything she has to consider before leaving Seattle. Alex doesn't pick up at all on the fact that she's trying to say that he is one of those factors, so she takes a different approach, saying that if he gets Chief Resident and she's still around, at least he'll have one friend. Alex just brushes that off, saying that all the docs know that this competition isn't personal, and sometimes you have to be a shark. He then congratulates her and takes off to get ready for his interview with Owen while she sits in bed, miffed, and I start inspecting my cuticles since I find them more interesting than her bruised feelings.

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