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All's Fair In Love And Job Advancement

Alex goes and practices what he is good at: drowning his sorrows at the bar. Cristina is there and he gripes to her about what happened and growls that he'd better get Chief Resident now. April walks up and orders herself a drink; after an uneasy glance at Cristina, she builds up her courage and again starts a speech about rules. Cristina isn't really interested but April won't be deterred, and reminds them that she killed someone once because she missed one little step. When following protocol, steps aren't missed and people live. She admits that Cristina is probably right that April won't be the Chief Resident, but she maintains that everyone has to admit that checklists work. She leaves and shockingly, Cristina looks a little bit thoughtful.

Owen seeks out Avery to talk some more about his dropping out of the trial, and Avery looks about as excited as a kid facing another lecture from his mom for losing his retainer. But Owen tells him that after what happened, he started worrying that something was wrong with the trial, so he looked into it. Interestingly, what he found was flawless, award-winning-level data. He realized that Avery left because he knew that with his name attached, it would never be eligible to win a Harper-Avery award even though it should be in the running. It's noble, and Owen has to grudgingly respect that. But he does warn Avery to also be careful not to let his name hold him back. Avery ponders this new idea as Owen walks off.

Henry finds Teddy at the hospital with more good news to share: after he was accepted into the trial he was able to get his old job back and therefore will have his own insurance within a couple of months. Teddy is thrilled for him, and he tells her that he has been thinking about where the two of them go from here, and has something to ask her. Andrew calls over to her and Henry realizes that they are going to dinner, so Teddy admits that they are going to celebrate... that she accepted his invitation to go to Germany. Henry is stunned, but tries to recover and congratulate her -- she accepts, but seems to need some reassurance that this really is, in fact, good news. Henry reassures her that it is, and that he'll be fine, but Teddy seems quite sad now and it's not helped when Henry gets back to his original question: "May I please have a divorce?" She's caught off-guard and it takes her a moment before she assures him that of course he can, and she jokes that he doesn't need her any more, right? He agrees as some super depressing song plays, and then she has to leave with Andrew while Henry just stands there and both of them marinate in their gloom. Meredith reminds us again that it never gets easier, but we all have to adapt or die.

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