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All's Fair In Love And Job Advancement

Arizona and Callie finish up and meet Mark and Sofia happily before all leaving the hospital together. The camera pans up to show Lexie forlornly watching the little group, and then Avery walks up behind her and teases her for staring at Mark again. He seems remarkably secure since that's totally what she was doing, despite her lame denial that she was just looking at the baby. She's worried for him when she hears that he's out of the Chief Resident race but he assures her that he's okay and besides, "I have you, what else do I need?" He might need a girlfriend that isn't still in love with another man, but that's just a suggestion.

Meredith gazes at Zola in her crib and finally picks her up and says hello before (weirdly) introducing herself again and telling Zola she'd like to be her mom.

Back at the bar, Alex is getting drunker and more morose while Cristina chatters on about how Meredith is totally going to be picked as Chief Resident. She actually tells Alex a version of what Owen told her but she seems now to believe it -- that it's not about how good a doctor he is, but just because Mere is better that other things. She then tells him (shockingly, sincerely) that he's great with the kids but that Meredith is more organized, and people like and trust her. Hearing "trust" and "Meredith" in the same sentence is the last straw for Alex. Owen walks up to try and tell Cristina not to be mad at him and he's happily surprised when he's greeted with a kiss and a thank you because she has realized that he just wanted what was best for her. She promises him some excellent nookie as Alex drains (another) shot, and Owen looks over and worriedly asks if he's okay. Drunk, and with eyes full of angry tears, Alex finally reverts fully back into his familiar, prickly, self-preservation mode and slurs that Meredith messed with the Alzheimer's trial. It's Alex doing what he's good at, like Cristina was just saying, and it's sure to throw everything on its ear just in time for the season finale.

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