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All's Fair In Love And Job Advancement

Out in the hall, April yells at Cristina for messing with the checklist, but nothing she can say can bring Cristina down for her high. She also can't talk Cristina out of doing the surgery herself, without telling Teddy, even though what she refers to as a "glorified lung biopsy" is actually a thoracotomy, which is a procedure that needs to be supervised. Yeah, from experience that's not really a little one and poor Raul might be a little surprised at how his lung might be treeless but he'll feel like he was run over by a truck for a while as he recovers. Cristina finally admits it was a small breach in protocol and April can't help but crow about that, but Cristina still isn't deterred and tells April that if she goes along with this, she'll put in a good word for April with Owen. April is suspicious but can't hide that she's also a little bit intrigued.

Henry is waiting for Richard's verdict, which is that he's medically a candidate but that he's still not sure he feels good about it. Andrew then comes over to say hi; he's there to take Teddy out to lunch, and Henry realizes immediately that this suave, tall, good-looking dude is his competition. Teddy walks up, a little alarmed to see them talking, and then metaphorically kicks Henry in the chest by introducing him to Andrew as her "friend." Andrew is nice enough, having no idea of the real story, but Richard realizes quickly what's going on and announces to them all that Henry is going to be in the trial. Teddy is surprised but really happy for him, and congratulates him before she and Andrew leave for lunch. Henry then asks Richard what brought about his change of heart and Richard admits that if he's up against Andrew, Henry is going to need all of the help he can get since the guy is, as a trauma counselor, basically a professional knight in shining armor. Henry is suitably daunted after hearing all these details but hey, at least he gets a replacement pancreas as a consolation prize!

Lucy comes out of Lebo's room and catches Alex on the phone getting the details about the job in Africa, and he tells them he needs a few days to decide before signing off. He wants to know how the patient is doing but Lucy is only interested in hearing about the call. He admits that it sounds great, and he loves the idea of doing all those surgeries and being the boss, since he can't see himself just going back to being a regular resident after this project. He adds that it might be worth it to stay if he becomes Chief Resident but other than that, he doesn't really have a reason to stay. I almost feel sorry for him because he's just so completely oblivious and inept when it comes to relationships. The girl who wishes she was a reason gets increasingly livid and when he finally asks what she thinks, she spits that she doesn't think her opinion matters and then storms off, leaving a baffled Alex behind. On the one hand, I totally get it but on the other, I still don't buy that these two are serious enough to actually take their "relationship" into consideration.

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