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April comes by to tell Cristina that she booked and OR but when she tries to say something else, Cristina cuts her off to bask in her own awesomeness. She declares that after three whole days of no sex, she's totally clear and focused, and that this must be why April is so organized: virgin superpowers! April tries to stop Cristina but then Cristina does the unimaginable -- she thanks April sincerely for helping her out, and for giving her the first day in months where she feels like her old self again. April comments, kind of horrified, that Cristina is actually being nice to her, and Cristina replies, "So?" With that, they turn the corner into Raul's room and see Teddy and Richard standing by the bed, and Teddy explaining what surgery she's going to perform. They see Cristina and the looks they shoot her are about as far from warm and inviting as looks can get. Richard demands that Cristina come join them but Cristina turns to glare accusingly at April a moment, who meekly defends that she's sorry, but she needed this too.

What Richard and Teddy didn't count on is that Raul wants Cristina to do the surgery. He's not impressed by Teddy's credentials; he's impressed by Cristina being the only doctor who was able to figure out what was actually wrong with him, especially after April said he had cancer. It's a silly running gag and yet oddly amusing as April gets more and more indignant trying to defend herself, her voice squeaking more and more with each false accusation. Teddy and Richard look at each other and try to have a silent conversation about Cristina performing the surgery.

Avery's up for his interview, and Owen's first, very pointed question is what Avery would do if a colleague of his was dropping out of a potentially prestigious clinical trial. Owen is livid, and when Avery tells him that he'd advise the person to think it through but would ultimately respect the decision it's clear that Owen feels quite the opposite. He doesn't mince words as he accuses Avery for his history of quitting when things get touch and warns him that this is a mistake. Avery manages to maintain his composure and respectfully disagrees; he won't take the bait and start to argue even though Owen is doing quite a good job trying to goad him into it.

From one mad doctor to another: Teddy is furious that Richard is considering letting Cristina do the surgery though when pressed, she has to admit that Cristina is capable of conducting the procedure. Cristina jumps in and tries to defend that she was just streamlining the process but her wide-eyed innocent act is fooling no one and Teddy snaps at her that she knows full well that Cristina just did this out of spite. She's not totally wrong, and I still understand her teach-not-tell approach with Cristina, but these two need to figure out something because obviously the teaching isn't happening and things are only getting worse. Richard seems to think so too, and refuses to get into the middle of their personal shit. To Teddy's utter horror he allows Cristina to do the surgery but he angrily assures both ladies that he'll decide a punishment later but will take it out on Cristina and not the patient. To fully frost Teddy's cookies, he then tells her that she has to observe the procedure while April assists. April doesn't want any part of it either -- probably doesn't want to be around Cristina holding any sharp objects -- but Richard is done dealing with this and promises Cristina this will be taken into consideration with regards to her bid for Chief Resident. Cristina manages to keep a straight face until the two senior surgeons have left but once they are gone, she celebrates triumphantly.

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