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Meredith and Derek are hanging out in the hallway during Zola's surgery, peeking through the window to try and see what's happening. Mere can't stop worrying about everything that could go wrong, and Derek keeps trying to assure her that everything is going to be okay. Finally, Mere blows up at him and tells him that he doesn't know that -- she reminds him of all of Zola's serious medical problems and then, when Derek tries again to tell her it will be okay, her real worries bubble to the surface and she asks about all the things that might go wrong with the adoption. What if they find better parents? What if they realize these two rushed into the decision? What if they think a resident with an 80-hour workweek isn't good mom material? Derek finally stops his platitudes and instead just tells her that everything will go the way it goes. She smiles and thanks him, satisfied and a little bit calmer, and then she goes back to the window.

Lexie walks into a dark room to look at some x-rays but as she is about to turn on the light screen a deep voice asks her not to. Mark is actually sitting in the dark with a tiny sleeping Sofia, and explains this is the only place she will sleep. He does then offer to leave but Lexie assures him it's fine and then comes over to see Sofia up close. She's too nervous to accept his offer to hold her, and laughs nervously that then the baby would wake up and cry, and then Mark would hate her. He looks devastated to hear this come out of her mouth and just regards her seriously for a very charged moment. Finally she makes an excuse to leave but tells him first that she's really happy for him, and that he seems happy. Mark agrees that he has almost everything he's ever wanted. Not sure how to respond to this, and the encounter in general, Lexie turns and leaves.

The threat of discipline absolutely can't even touch Cristina's glee as she does Raul's surgery and pulls out a perfectly formed, 2-inch tall fir tree. She very pointedly tells a stunned April that the tree managed to thrive in a hostile environment, and then shoots a pointed look over her shoulder at Teddy. I love Cristina, and I get it, but Germany and a hot, hot man would be looking pretty good to me about now, too. Cristina wants to keep it, which rattles every protocol-loving bone in April's body, and she lectures Cristina at an ever-increasing pitch about the importance of rules. She concedes that they (and the people who follow them) might be fussy, but they are there for a reason. Cristina finally agrees, more to get April to be quiet, but when April tries to continue her rule-worshipping lecture, Cristina cuts her off and harshly informs her that she'll never be chosen Chief Resident. Not even following protocol can heal the sting April feels at that.

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