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Cristina is reading a magazine featuring an article about the hospital and she's quite proud about the article and about how good the gang looks in the pictures. Mere is still fretting about all of the various things that could be going wrong with the baby now that it is at 28 weeks but Alex is there and he dismisses most of her fears since they are all things that can be treated or fixed. Cristina chimes in each time Meredith suggests something cardio-related, telling Mere impatiently that they'll fix anything if it is wrong. Cristina then gets distracted when she turns the page and finds an article about a guy with whom she went to med school. He's been written up for some crazy new cardiac trial he's doing with his attending, and Cristina is appalled that he's now "beating" her. She storms off while Alex teases Mere with a story about a delivery gone wrong. Instead of getting mad, Mere seems satisfied that finally someone will play along.

Alex and Princess then visit their Patient O'the Week, a 12-year-old kid in the hospital with cancer. He looks a little Beiber-esque, with an oversize stocking hat on his head, and he's flirting hard with Princess. Big-armed Jason then runs in and asks if she wants to come observe him doing a c-section. She teases him about finally doing real surgery and asks Alex, who dismissively tells her he doesn't care. Mini-Biebs has been watching all of this with his face growing darker, and he finally pulls out some tube that I suspect was attached to a catheter and winds up shooting liquid all down the front of Jason's pants. He acts all innocent and apologetic but gets insulted when Jason calls him "little man." After Jason and Princess leave, Alex calls him out for doing it on purpose and while he agrees he tries to say that you can't do that to another doctor. Alex gets ready to leave but Mini-Biebs tells him he's got an idea for something they can do to Jason. Alex is skeptical but intrigued.

Owen gives the interns and some other filler hospital staff a tour of the new ER, which features a new electronic patient board which is connected to individual workstations at every bed, as well as the Pegasus tablets. After showing them all this, Owen proudly takes them over to unveil the LODOX, and the doctors all gasp in pleasure. Heather volunteers to be a guinea pig so that they can try it out, telling a story about a marble that she stuck in her nose when she was six and which has never been recovered. Everyone is a little taken aback, as per usual with Heather, and Owen tells them it's not a toy and they'll wait for a real trauma. On cue, a nurse calls out that paramedics are on their way with an ATV accident victim. Jackpot!

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