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Derek, meanwhile, has to remove a giant chunk of ATV girl's skull to get to the damage in her brain, and things look pretty bad. When he tells Smash to go update her dad again, Smash balks, but Derek assures him that he's really good with this kind of thing. He calmly gives Smash some tips to start with the positive news, and not make promises he can't keep. Smash is terrified but finally agrees to channel Derek and tries it out by announcing, "It's a beautiful day to save lives!" Oh Smash, you are awesome. Derek is not quite as impressed as I am.

Cristina is in an OR with Jeff and is nearly orgasmic as she watches him do work with his new lotus valve. She explains in awe about how groundbreaking it will be for valve operations and medical blah blah technical details n'stuff. He tells her that phase 2 of his trial has been going great and phase 3 is bound to be "a hoot." She's so excited about the technology that she doesn't pick up on the fairly obvious point that this is totally a pitch and she's even less inclined to realize it once he hands over the apparatus and lets her do the procedure.

April is gazing dejectedly at the unused LODOX when Callie walks up and remarks on it, and April likens it to a sad carnival ride with all of the lights turned off, going to waste. Callie doesn't know yet that April has just roped the unsuspecting LODOX into her sex life metaphor and gets a little confused when April continues to muse about why God would put this gorgeous thing in front of them if not to use it? Callie points out that this machine actually was intended to be used, and April just shoots her some giant puppy dog eyes until Jason comes up, trying to answer another mystery page.

Alex then documents this and all of the other fake pages and shows the photos off to Mini-Biebs, who dubs Jason a tool for searching all over the hospital. Just then, they hear an announcement calling him to proctology and have another laugh. Alex then tries to excuse himself to go be an actual doctor but Mini-Biebs has another idea and plays up the "dying cancer wish" angle to get Alex to agree to do it.

Martha is asking Mere questions about her diagnosis and Mere has the unhappy task of admitting that chemo might buy her more time but that there is no cure for it. Martha is understandably devastated, but tries to pull herself together when three of her young students unexpectedly show up in the doorway. She gently chastises the kids for skipping their after school study session and when they complain that their sub, Mr. Arnold, sucks, she reminds them that they don't use that word. Of course, she is beloved and wonderful with these cute kids who adore her. When they ask for confirmation that she'll be back soon she's at a loss for words, but eventually tells them of course she will be. She then has Mere back her up, which she does, quite sadly, since they are both fibbing to adorable children now.

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