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Smash comes back out to update Mr. Kramer but as before, Mr. K can't absorb what's being said or deal with the lack of concrete answers regarding his daughter's condition. When Smash tells him they'll be operating many more hours and that they have to wait and see how extensive the damage is, Mr. K begins to scream, demanding to know if she is paralyzed. When Smash continues to try and explain that they won't know yet, Mr. K screams and backs him up to a wall, slamming his hand against it right next to Smash's head. He threatens that Smash shouldn't come back until he has some actual information, and Smash looks plenty fine with following those orders.

Martha, now also gutted about lying to her students for the first time, cries to Mere that she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Mere gently asks if it might help her to try and help prepare the kids. But she's bereft, having gone from thinking she had the flu to realizing she could likely die before the end of the school year, and absolutely thinks she can't do it. Martha finally cries, "This sucks!" and adds that (as we heard earlier) she doesn't usually allow the word, but right now it fits. That gets me, because when my grandpa was in the hospital with pneumonia and was intubated, he communicated by writing on my mom's palm with his fingers and one of the first things he said was, "This sucks." And we are super lucky because he came through it and is now in amazing health, but there are times where you really can't say anything else.

Heather, Leah and Jackson are hanging around the ER, trying to come up with something good enough to get Owen to let them try the machine. Finally, Heather manages to get to him with the lure of a patient with a badly sprained ankle. They all look shocked when Owen begins to entertain the idea.

Callie finds Arizona looking at some scans and slides into the room to ogle her ass some more, but Arizona isn't feeling sexy and instead complains about how her leg is sore and it was probably dumb to wear heels all day since that hurt even before she had one fake leg. Well, true, but as a woman who wears heels most days when her knees tell her she shouldn't... they just look so good! But she still refuses to let Callie take a look at it, insisting that Callie is her wife and not her doctor. It's finally too much for Callie, who slumps and comments flatly that they aren't having sex tonight. Arizona seems genuinely surprised so Callie explains that she already knows that when they get home they'll play out a familiar scenario with Callie getting ready for sexy times and Arizona turning her down. After that, Callie guesses, she'll look disappointed and Arizona will beg her to understand since Callie knew her leg was hurting all day. Arizona looks taken aback and asks, "What kind of manipulative bitch do you think I am?" Callie, to her credit, is quick to point out that Arizona is neither, and that she herself is the bitch because Arizona has been uncomfortable for a long time but Callie just can't keep being patient about the whole situation like a good person would be.

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