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Jason somehow hasn't realized yet that he's being punked, and runs back to the ER excited that he finally knows the name of the person who paged him. The nurse tells him he's welcome to try, and so in classic Simpsons style he calls out for, "Ms. Taylia? I'm looking for Jenny Taylia?" I'll give y'all a second to say that out loud. Naturally, everyone starts laughing and he realizes what's up, while across the room Alex and Mini-Biebs share a fist bump. It's as indiscreet as it sounds and Richard catches it and calls Alex over. But instead of yelling at him for being an immature ass, he tells Alex that he should up his game.

As Derek continues to work on Susie's brain, Smash starts to panic during a risky portion of the surgery because he's afraid something will happen to her and Mr. K will actually kill him. Derek, as if he's talking to his unborn child, tells Smash the soothing story of his first fly fishing experience. Smash is confused until Derek points out that this just calmed him down. Then, in dulcet tones, he explains that they are about to do something risky that could go terribly wrong and the only way to get through something this scary is to be calm. Knowing that a lesson is being taught, Susie's brain conveniently starts to swell and Smash starts to freak out again. But Derek asks questions in a calm voice, and Smash is able to come up with a solution.

Cristina and Jeff come out of surgery, and she can't stop exclaiming over the revolutionary and exciting lotus valve. She asks Jeff when he's going to start phase 3, and he answers that that is up to her. Her face falls as he explains that he needs some pocket change to the tune of $12 million dollars to keep this research going. Cristina almost pathetically comments that she thought he was bringing her on to the trial, but this was all just a pitch. He chortles in response and crows that it's great to have someone on the board that understands what he's doing. But as he walks away he misses the sneer on Cristina's face -- she may understand him, but he doesn't understand her if he thinks she's just going to happily give up the chance to work on this and just be an administrator instead.

She finds Mere in the lounge and complains to her about the administrative stuff taking over her whole career but Mere only half pays attention because she's focused on the kicking baby inside of her. She begs Cristina to talk to it since, she explains, her own voice makes baby kick more and she hopes that maybe Cristina's is soothing the way Derek's is. For how easily she can speak to Zola, she's a stilted mess talking to Unborn Grey/Shepherd and Bailey walks in to witness the disaster. But when she hears Mere begging Cristina to just say anything, Bailey jumps in and introduces herself to the bump and begins to give it her genome mapping project pitch. Mere is just excited that it is working so Bailey goes on; she can't help getting in a little dig about all the money the board spent on logos and coffee sleeves that might have gone towards her research. The girls finally realize she's talking to them, but they are interested and accept her proposals as she sucks up her pride and asks them for the money. Once she leaves, Cristina has some sort of revelation that will help her crush Med School Nemesis.

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