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I guess Owen wound up nixing using the LODOX for a sprained ankle because he finally calls Heather over and offers to try to find her marble. She scurries over and climbs on to the machine while the rest of the staff excitedly lines up to watch. But just as they are about to start they get a call that the real deal is coming in -- a motorcycle accident with extensive crush injuries. Owen shoos her off of the table.

Big-armed Jason finds Bailey and with a flourish hands her a full specimen cup. She gives him a look that should turn him to stone as she asks if that is really his pee but he's unfazed, mentioning the memo that said she was the contact for random drug testing. Across the room, both Bailey and Jason catch Alex and Richard laughing up a storm -- I have no idea why they seem unable to clear the room before they start cackling, though eventually they do run off. Jason grabs his specimen cup and stomps out as Callie walks up to Bailey, her hand mercifully devoid of a container of urine. Happily, Callie tells Bailey that they found the funding for her project. Bailey is still thinking about the prank she just witnessed thinks this is a really cruel joke but after a lot of explanation, Callie convinces her that it's true. Cristina called a quick emergency board meeting and they were able to shift some funds around from another department. Bailey finally squeals in glee... Jeff storms up to Cristina because he just saw that his budget for phase 3 has been cut. He yells about losing the funds for two needed residents and research assistants but Cristina is very calm and tells him that in their place, he'll have her. He's confused as she is not four people, but she promises to do the work of four and to knock his socks off. She adds that she'll do everything he needs and also any projects she finds on her own, and he's to go ahead and pile as much work on her as he wants. He's doubtful, but she tells him mock-grandly that the board believes he can make this work.

Callie then finds Arizona looking at scans again and reports how happy Bailey was at the news of her research funding. But Callie quickly realizes that Arizona is in pain again and despite Arizona's denial she has her sit down. Arizona says that she doesn't want to keep saying yes and then not following through, but Callie brushes that off and calls herself a jerk for putting pressure on her wife. They are both right and I'm just thrilled that they're having these conversations rather than shutting each other out and things getting super ugly again. Callie then locks the door and tells Arizona she's going to adjust her leg. Arizona is horrified and embarrassed but Callie is all business and insists, beginning with the order that Arizona take off her pants. And she really does mean that in a totally non-sexy way. Arizona is horrified when Callie reaches up and takes off her prosthetic and then won't look at her for a few moments but Callie forces her to do so and then realizes after a moment that the pain is in Arizona's leg and has nothing to do with the prosthetic -- something that Callie sees often and can help with. She starts massaging Arizona's leg and though Arizona won't look at her, she finally admits that it's helping. As an olive branch, she then offers to give Callie a massage but Callie laughs off the idea because of Arizona's "girly hands." Arizona finally relaxes enough to sincerely thank Callie, who reminds her that right at this moment that's "Dr. Torres" to her.

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