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Whose Bed Have Your Scrubs Been Under?

Richard tries to put the dining room back together again after his wife's outburst. It's all too much for him, like Meredith predicted, and he sits down in a chair and starts to cry. Adele approaches him in a moment of clarity and asks what happened, to the room and to his hand. He says he's fine, but she presses: "Did I hurt your hand?" She gets it. She's clear-headed for the moment and she gets it. "I have Alzheimer's, don't I?" she says. Richard looks at her sadly, sits down, takes her hand, and tells her she does. She remembers seeing Rose Ridge this morning and says it was nice. Richard looks down at the table, ashamed she knows he took her to a home. But Adele says she thinks it's best if she goes to live there. He protests, says her home is there with him. She gets emotional, and maybe she slips away a little; her hands leave his and go to her lap; she's scared again. "I'd rather be there," she says. Richard can't do anything but agree.

Mere VO returns to devour everything in its path, as we see Meredith return home to find Bailey giving Derek a tutorial on grooming black hair. "Did you know our daughter has a kitchen?" Which Mere totally knew, because she's secretly hood. (By the way, please Google for explanations as to why the hair on the back of one's neck is called a "kitchen." Nobody knows, so it's all theories. You will not be disappointed/unhorrified.)

Alex and Morgan make eyes over the incubator, and it's gross.

And poor Cristina, home alone, caves to the pressure and just goes on a crazed mission of snooping: emails, wastebaskets, dresser drawers, laundry. It's an ugly scene, and she knows it. And she can't find anything. When she hears Owen return home, she dashes into bed, in time to avoid getting caught, but alone in the knowledge that this is where her marriage stands right now.

Joe R wants to stop recapping episodes where Cristina is a shell of her former self. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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