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Whose Bed Have Your Scrubs Been Under?

Sloan and Avery are working on Dreamboat Angie, whose face is pretty burned. Not Freddy Kreuger burned, but still pretty painful looking. She's freaking out about whether the accident was somehow her fault, and Avery is getting impatient with her fidgeting and talking. It's not lost on Sloan that Avery is in A Mood today. After a couple more short words for Angie, Sloan sends Avery away for more bandages, and then after a moment, he hands off further cleaning duties to some interns and follows Avery out. He's like, "You've snapped at a patient and an EMT in the last five minutes, and those are the last people you should be snapping at." Avery explains that he's super stressed about the Boards, and the expectations that he excel at them, as he's an Avery. Sloan, because he's Sloan and the grossest, immediately wonders if Avery is "getting any" and that's probably his problem. "I am focused," Avery clips, brushing past his mentor/sex-arranger. "There's no time!"

Meredith is patching up the Chief, slathering his burned forearm with anti-bacterial goops of some sort. She's in the middle of telling him that her own mother had a few kitchen incidents, then would get lost driving, then would start leaving the house in the middle of the night. Richard's not prepared to admit that it's getting that bad for Adele. Mere says she could get them a slot at Rose Ridge, where she has some pull after Ellis's stay there. It's a top-notch facility, she says, but Richard is clearly reluctant to consider it.

Arizona, Alex, and Lexie are working on Morgan's baby and alternately bitching about how pessimistic Chris is about his kid's chances. Lexie can't understand why he's acting like the kid id already dead when she proclaims him a champ, like a little Mohammed Ali. Alex explains Lexie's enthusiasm to Arizona: she's on vacation from flatlining brain-surgery detail, so this is all fun for her. "You know what's fun?" Arizona says, brightly and with complete sincerity: "Removing dead bowel. You want to make the cut." Doctors are the weirdest, you guys. Lexie of course is thrilled and begins the delicate work of cutting into preemie intestine.

Meredith and Cristina are preparing shrapnel-chest Devin for a CT scan, and all the while he's chattering away about Dreamboat Angie. He should have known the sexual tension between them was getting to dangerous levels. It's probably his fault that there was an accident since she gets so flustered around him. Cristina is already in no mood, and that's before Devin gets to the part about pheromones. She silently loads him into the scan tube.

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