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Lexie has successfully removed the dead bowel, but now she's on the comedown from her enthusiasm high. She starts wondering about the logistics of the long road ahead for the baby, with two young doctors for parents and the extraordinary medical care he's going to need in the coming years. Suddenly, the baby's heart-rate starts dropping -- nothing Lexie did wrong, but still. Arizona tells her to start CPR, even though the heart hasn't stopped yet. Lexie looks freaked out as Arizona instructs her to use two fingers and apply light pressure. This line of work is for the birds.

Richard and Adele are getting the guided tour of Rose Ridge from the too-chipper, slightly-condescending tour guide. Adele looks nervous and scared and it's not at all clear if she knows much about what's happening right now. The tour guide is all too-happy about their selection of mystery novels in the library or the piloxing classes they've got in the gym. (Piloxing is exactly what you think it is -- pilates + boxing. Sounds like exactly what Adele would be into!) Cut to a tour of one of the bedrooms, which comes with a private bathroom and on-call button for assistance. The guide leaves Richard and Adele alone to look the place over. Adele looks around and says it's nice ... but it's too small for them to raise a family in. After all, they just got married, and where are they going to put a nursery? Guys. Sad. Richard gets a resigned look on his face -- he says she's right. He promised her a house.

After the break, Altman gives Callie the surprising and great news that she got her grant to grow a heart! She's so thrilled. She guesses her presentation must not have been as bad as she thought, or else the board was charmed by her fumbling ineptitude. Yeah, girl, I bet it was that last one. Callie totally knows better but isn't saying.

In Morgan's hospital room, Arizona and the Peds Crew are giving her and Chris an update on today's crises with their baby. The heart crash was rough, but they've got him stable again. The question now is how aggressive Morgan and Chris want them to be in finding ways to get more oxygen to the kid and grow him stronger. Chris, with his 4th-year knowledge, pretty much thwarts every option they come up with, because he knows the risk factors. Alex is getting particularly annoyed by this. Finally, Chris says he thinks they should stop treatment. Morgan thinks they have to try something, but Chris shows her his little phone app with the 13% survival chance. As doctors, they wouldn't recommend operating on someone with those meager odds. Lexie looks at him like he's an asshole. Does it make me an asshole too if I can see where Chris is coming from and feel for the guy? Is that only because I resent the show stacking the deck against him so Alex can move in on his girl?

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