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Whose Bed Have Your Scrubs Been Under?

Avery and Sloan are slathering Dreamboat Angie with goop, and Avery is apologizing for being an ass earlier. Sloan, because he's Sloan and the grossest (have I mentioned?) tries to hook the two of them up, which Avery is not going for. Cristina ducks in with the cappuccino that Devin wanted to send to Angie as a gesture. First of all, the two of you were just slow-roasted by an exploding coffee machine and she's got burns all over her face -- why wouldn't she want a nice hot cup of cappuccino to make her feel better? Idiot. Second of all, Angie's all "Who's Devin?" Cristina explains that it's the guy she flirts with every day and puts little leaf designs in his foam and is generally in love with her. Angie has no idea who Cristina's talking about; those foam leaves are company policy. So. Yeah.

Cafeteria. Cristina sulks silently and watches Summer Glau from across the room. Avery has headphones on and is trying to study. The headphones are coming in handy, because Lexie is ranting loudly to Alex about Chris and Morgan and how she can't believe they're not going to treat the baby (who the doctors have named, "Ali" I guess, because of that Mohammed Ali line earlier?). Alex doesn't want to hear it -- ALEX HATE FEELINGS -- but Lexie continues to rant that "parents didn't make that decision, doctors did. Math did!" God forbid doctors make a medical decision in a damned hospital, you know? She stomps off and immediately her place is taken by her sister. Mere says that Devin is going to need a thoracotomy, but she can't get either Alex or Cristina to react to the news. Cristina finally asks Alex if he's "hit that," in regards to Summer. He says unfortunately no; she usually just goes for Attendings, or so the legend says. Obviously, this is bad news for Cristina but she keeps it quiet. Meredith clocks her reaction, though.

Derek and Mark are doing the Hot Daddy Doctors at Day Care thing with their respective daughters. Derek notices another woman passing by and giving him a funny look. He mentions it to Mark and says he thinks people are being racist about the white dad with a black baby. Mark just thinks people are staring at the Hot Daddy Doctors at Day Care. He also thinks Derek is just self-conscious about bridging the cultural divide with Zola. He shows off some of the Spanish he learned so as to better relate to his daughter. Es verdad? Derek changes the subject from how awesome Mark is to how his "better half is doing." Mark mentions that Avery is stressed about the boards, so he's trying to get him laid. Derek, however, was referring to Julia. WHO?? Exactly.

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