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Alex and Morgan are looking in on baby "Ali." Alex explains to Morgan that for the babies without names, they like to give them "tough" names so as to indicate that they're fighters. Whatever, doctors. Keep perpetuating outdated myths about masculinity in your preemie wards. They both note that the numbers on Ali's levels don't look great. He asks where Chris is, and Morgan says that on the record he's making calls to family, but off the record she just doesn't think he can be present. She asks if Alex thinks they're doing the right thing. He kind of begs off answering that question on its merits, but he does say that while the baby has plenty of doctors in its corner, Morgan should make sure he's got a parent too. It sounds a bit like doctors in these situations look to the parents to make the irrational choices that the doctors can't responsibly make for themselves, which is an idea complicated enough for me to approve. Morgan then says they were thinking of naming the kid Thomas, which Alex gives his full masculine approval to, THANK GOD.

Richard has paged Meredith; he asks her to look in on his post-op patients, as he has to head home. Adele's not having a good day. Meredith once again pushes Rose Ridge, but Richard says they tried that and decided against it. Rose Ridge doesn't have anything he can't provide for her. Mere tells him that while he thinks he can handle this, he can't. She knows from experience. Richard says the difference between Mere and her mother and him and Adele is that he made vows to Adele, to be there for her in sickness and in health. Now, he's broken those vows time and again, but the least he can do for his wife is be there for her now. She stays home, he says, definitively. "And if need be, I stay home too."

Cristina finds April doing Chief Resident-y things in her office and hops down in front of the other computer. They're back-to-back, so April can't see Cristina's sneaky attempts to access April's password. She starts prodding April with questions about family pets and mother's last name. April finally catches on, so Cristina confesses she needs to see the nurses' schedule. April reluctantly checks up on Summer Glau -- a.k.a. Emily -- who recently switched to a night shift in ICU, which April declares strange, but Dr. Hunt signed off on it, so it must be fine. At this, Cristina darts out. "If I see her crying or bleeding, I'll come after you!" April shouts. I don't like April with red hair. That's my takeaway.

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